notes for eden

just a couple of notes for my new story Eden.


Eden is a country that has not been discovered yet, so it's ahead in some things and behind in others. Eden is split into four different districts each given a latin name, in the north there's Terra Ignota (land of the unknown) which is the mountainous area which is home to Skell mountains, in the south Divirsis terra (diverse land) is the urban area that is split into three areas with two different casts Forma Urbis meaning beautyful city is home to the aristocrats and and across the path of the people is the cramped town of Infelix terra that means land of the unforunate, East Petita aqua (claimed by water) is home to the docks and where magnorus river meets sed rutrum alcyoneum (home of the coral)  and terra honestum (honest land) is the farmland and home to agresti lignea urbs (meaning rural wood town)

The End

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