Break EvenMature


Rosler kicked his head up when a bullet flew past the back of his neck. Good shots, but they didn't expect him to forget they were there. He was a smart, dangerous target.

"Yes, and please remember where you are. We don't want to miss you." The computer was still talking to him. Rosler was kicking into gear."Murva, get those guys off me, please." A buzzing sound filled the air, and the snipers' rifles were yanked out of their arms and flew into the surrounding troopers. Rosler then shot straight up using his arms and legs unevenly, so he was almost sideways to the ground,  depressed his right leg and, using his right arm and left leg to generate leverage, shot his right leg out and spun his body out of the doorway. All the bullets missed him, even though he was in their sights. He heard more buzzing sounds and now screams as he headed toward the basement. "Murva, lets leave this place, I'm beginning to hate it." Murva replied promptly. "preparing the vessel, Relshan"

They were on their way.

The End

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