Slow and DryMature

Jeansa let her head fall on her hands, her elbows knocking over her coffee. She didn't respond to it. "They were so close."

Joshua, Thelia and Malin together made up an extremely superior infantry interdiction unit, reserved for only the most decisive operational paralysis measures. The nature of their job was to drop in, incapacitate everybody, and either take targets as prisoners or leave. It was a security measure for the other soldiers, which often meant open battlefields as well as urban interiors were frozen in their tracks. It was a harrowing task, and they were terrifying opponents.

But now they were missing.

No one could stop them. It came with their job. Any time there was an operation when communication was at risk, the unit would be accompanied by foreign teams who held the same level of skill and prowess. That would be the two men at Roslers' front door. They were both wearing nano-adaptive membranes on their skin, which should have been sufficient to keep them alive. Jeansa's team entered the building through the roof using orbital stealth pods that where no bigger than a large bathtub and levitated using scattered-pattern air jets. They placed vibrator modules throughout the building to cancel out their steps and prepared to strike. When they did, they were supposed to flood EM pulses from their helmet emmitters to scramble any machines the kid might have had lying around. They must tried too late, because by the time they had Rosler down their helmets had been fried and their biometrics stopped transmitting. The scariest part of that was the fact that their suits communicated using quantum entanglement. Whatever it was that disabled their transmitters must have been very advanced, or had tried to teleport them somewhere else. If they had been teleported, then they were technically dead, although their new bodies would be completely identical. Maybe even part of their minds. There was no doubt that the unit was lost, however, and Jeansa was going to have to take a different position. Or find new recruits.

But Joshua, Thelia and Malin were prodigies.

There would be no more recruits.


The End

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