A Personal FavourMature

"Ill be right there" I replied, finishing my whiskey.

I walked out of my quarters and towards the captains cabin, it wasn't a long walk. I only needed to go through the silver V-shaped corridors, other crew members saluting me as I walked by.

I got up to the captains cabin, and let myself in.

"Travis!" I laughed

"Well, well, if it isnt the man himself. Mr Dean Bailey" He smiled leaning back in his chair, folding his arms. His short brown hair was flattened because he recently took off his cap, and his casual wear which was just a plain white T-Shirt and jeans.

"What is it you want?" I asked, straight to the point.

"Ah Dean, I hate to do this to you but, I have a personal favour to ask"

"Anything for you buddy, what is it?"

He stood up and walked over to his window, staring out into space, litarally.

"My home planet, Valeria, its being targetted by terrorists"

I said nothing, but Travis didnt have to look at me to know I was paying attention.

"My family haven't contacted me in a couple of weeks, I make sure they call once a week... The Noble Verdict can't just show up to the planet, it'll be too obvious. They will run, or just execute the prisoners, not a risk i want to talk. However a lone ship with a few men howev-"

"-They will underestimate me, and we can board their ship if we make a distraction" I interrupted.

"That could work, but don't go all hero for me Dean, I want you alive just as much as them. Your my best man, and my best friend"

"You also underestimate me" I smiled

"So, will you do this?"

"Sure, whats the worst that could happen?" I shrug, and begin to walk out. "Have a nice day... Sir" I saluted him and walked out the door.

I walked down the corridors again, and I up to a T-Section, and in the middle was an elevator. I called it up and went down to the shuttle bay, which was located near the bottom of the ship.

When I stepped out into the shuttle bay, my new recruits where standing ready in their gear. Seems like Travis already knew I'd say yes...

The shuttle bay was quite a large open area, the shuttles were on their routine check, but they were just about ready. Other than that, the entire military might of this ships army was down here, each soldier had their own storage footlocker.There was a total of 10 shuttles, each could hold 20. However, one shuttle is all that's needed for a mission planetside.

"I trust you've all been breifed?" I asked

"Sir, yes sir" they all shouted back.

"Don't give me that shit, call me Dean"

I got into my gear which was waiting for me, standard body armour capable of withstanding a few rounds, and my custom assault rifle.

I climbed onto the shuttle last, the shuttles looked simply like metal cubes with an interior, with a window for the pilot and it was a little streamlined at the front. They are a backwards T-shape, the passengers can stand or sit pretty much anywhere, except the cockpit of course.

Our shuttles are plain white, and do not have a symbol on them, so they are not easily identified. We learn what they look like so we know, and only we know, when evac has arrived.

Other than that its equipped with basic weapons for air support on a small group of ground forces, however it was not designed for direct fire.

I knocked on the cockpit door to tell the pilot we were all aboard and we soon went onto the planet Valeria.

The End

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