Dean Bailey: The NewbiesMature

"Listen up marines, we arent just normal soldiers. We serve Captain Morrisey of the Noble Verdict" I shouted at the new recruits "She is the biggest vessel in the human fleet, its cannons have more firepower twice that of the atomic bombs that hit Hiroshima, and its engines are capable of near light speed"

They listened with quite a bit of interest, which is good. Comparing them to the last batch of recruits, they didnt pay attention to a thing I said... No wonder theyre all dead.

"The human fleet is constantly rising in number, and nitwits like you are going to have to learn the ropes of flying in the human fleets"

Training the recruits, this is EXACTLY what i signed up for... Not.

"Now of course, not all of you will be coming with me to the Noble Verdict, others will go to serve on different ships. I already look forward to seeing most of you walk out of my life for good!"


Its been 2 days since I first got these recruits and already I'm sick of training them. I think training these guys is going to be harder than expected, they look like they've never held a gun in their lives. There was originally 20, but now I have a selected 4. So long as they shoot the right things, they'll be fine.

We got onto the Noble Verdict via air transport, the Noble Verdict was a huge ship, takes ages just to walk through it. My quarters was close to the captains cabin, I was his most trusted soldier, as well as close friend. I was in my quarters with my new squad, I needed to get rid of them so I came up with a random excuse.

"We will await orders from the captain, until then just explore the ship" I told them, whilst drinking some whiskey out of a small glass.

The time in between missions is unbearable, I just get the urge to shoot something. Of course, doing so in this ship would be hazardous so I'm not allowed.

My door opened again, however I was thinking it was probably a recruit trying to bother me so I didnt turn around.

"Sergeant? The captain would like to see you"

The End

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