Charles: Bad IdeaMature

I ground my teeth at his rudeness, but did not attack him again. My sword was the sharpest in the kingdom. It was crafted with the strongest metal and bound with powerful spells.  And it had bounced off. He had spared me once. He might not do it again.

Thoroughly embarrassed, I walked over to my sword and began trying to pull it out. After a while, I noticed that the hobbit was staring at my sword. What's with him? I wondered.

"Is there something wrong?" I asked him. The hobbit blinked. It seemed that he had just noticed that I was there.

"Yes, I mean no!" He walked off quickly, mumbling something about hobbit tradition. The sword finally came free and I fell backwards. The maiden let out a laugh. Blushing, I walked over to the pair.  Some much as I hated to admit it, it wouldn't do to be enemies with a creature so powerful. I cleared my throat.

"I am... sorry for my earlier actions. I hope that you will forgive me." I extended my hand. The creature smiled and shook my hand.

"There, you see! It doesn't do to randomly attack everyone you meet."

"Err..." I wasn't sure what to say. I tried to remember what he had said before.

"You said that your name is Eshupac...Esuhay...Eshu..."

"Eshuhallapakchokuw. You can just call me Esh."

"Right. And you said that you are an ambassador from the kingdom..."

"From the planet."

"But that is impossible! Earth is the only planet with life. It is stationary and all the other planets orbit around it." I stated proudly, having now remember my astronomy lessons. Esh took one look and laughed in my face.

The End

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