Esh: StruggleMature

I looked on, eyes wide at the others than had gathered in the clearing - I assumed that these people were the sentient species, even though they all looked slightly different. The woman was clearly different, having a different shaped body to the others with the other one that had just popped up from the ground looking slightly shorter. What had I landed myself in?

"Hello!" I shouted, waving one hand high in the air. "I come in peace." I offered them a smile, my eyes lingering on the woman for a little longer. She seemed the most trusting of them, the one who was less likely to try to attack me. I wondered if that was the way with these people, if there was some sort of difference between genders.

"You haven't given me a satisfactory explanation yet." The tall man was clearly eager for a fight, drawing his blade again and pointing it at me. I sighed, this time holding both of my hands up in the air.

"Well I'm not going to be able to do anything now, am I?" I hollered. "Satisfied yet?"

The man shook his head, repeating his statement, this time adding a threat. "If you do not tell me what I want to know, I will be forced to act."

I considered teaching the guy a couple of new words to try to take his vocabulary from the gallant clap-trap to something a little more street but considered otherwise. "Would you prefer it if I was in cuffs? I bet you'd like that wouldn't you?" Looking at him more, he was rather cute, for a primative.

"What do you speak of?" The man approached, his weapon raised.

"Try it." I shot him a disapproving look, pulling a marker from my pockets and drawing a big x across my heart. "There's your target. Just try it."

I smirked at the woman as he charged, his blade hitting me a little south of the cross. It didn't really do anything, with the weapon bouncing off of me. "What?!"

He tried again, hoping that doing exactly the same thing again would make even the slightest bit of difference. When it didn't, I stepped up to him, taking his wrist in one hand and squeezing my fingers tightly around it, waiting for him to drop the weapon. He winced in pain, begging for me to let him go.

I did, picking up the blade and examining it. I ran my tongue along the metal, feeling a little thrill race through my body. Before I started enjoying myself too much, I threw it like a javelin, watching it slice throw a branch or two before sticking in one of the trees.

"Need some help?" I offered the short one my hand, pulling him up from the ground, a little surprised when he didn't come up too much.

He grunted what I assumed was a thanks, going over to the woman. I considered giving him a little spank but thought that it was a bit soon.

"What are you?" The aggressive one asked from the ground, a little pool of red beside him.

"Better." I whispered in his ear, pulling a medi-pack out of my other pocket. I chucked him a plaster before moving to the woman. I put on an upper-class voice, declaring "I am simply a traveller of the skies. I have only one request."

I placed my arm around her shoulders as we started to walk away from the fire. "Yes?" She asked in a sweet voice.

"Take me to your leader." I said proudly. "I'm only joking - I've always wanted to say that." They offered me a blank look so I scratched my head. "In all seriousness, just the one question. Which orifices on your body are acceptable for probing? I don't want to cause offence."

The End

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