I grabbed Morgans wrist and dragged her along the hall leading into the reception area. We'd have to go sign in there before we got ready to receive our assignment. This was the last thing i'd have to do before becoming a guardian angel! Protecting people from damnation! Man thats a huge responsability, but boy is it exciting. Only 100 angels a year get to become guardian angels. Before I joined the school for Guardian Angels i was just a Angel, more like a regular soilder fighting the forces of the damned if i needed to.

When your an angel you have the choice of either furthering your angel status and becoming an Archangel or Becoming a Guardian Angel.  ArchAngels were Basically the Generals of this heavenly army.  And One Archangel every 20  became a Principalite who ruled over the whole army.  I didn't know much else about the rest of the ranks, but i do know that the Cherubs and the Serephim were in charge of the council. They made the major decisions and got orders directly from The Lord. 

So me and Morgan finally got to the reception desk where Alexis, The angel in charge of order, sat. She was busy typing away at mach speeds. I heard from someone that she can type a million words a minute, but i wasn't sure if that was just rumors.  She glanced up at me and Morgan then pulled out her cellphone. 

"Morgan  Jacobs and Leo Haliwel are here to recieve their assignment" Said Alexis into her phone. She closed it then looked at us  and said "Have a seat in the waiting Area" 

Me and Morgan went over and sat in the chairs next to each other. I looked over at her, she was glowing with excitement.  Then i felt my gut churn, i guess i was nervous. This is the first time i'd ever meet the council. I heard they were quite intimidating.  

"You nervous?" said Morgan

"...yeah a little" I replied 

"Well, We are already dead, What else can they do to us?" Said Morgan with a giggle. I laughed with her. Then i  heard a voice say over the P.A system

"Will Morgan Jacobs and Leo Haliwel please join us in the Council Room for briefing" 

The End

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