I watch the clouds drift slowly past my window, seeming to take hours to move so much as an inch. The clock ticks once in the corner of my room and I check, for the ump-teenth time, what time it is. Please, let it be 6 o'clock already, I think, hiking myself up on my elbows so that I can look at the clock.

5:47 pm

       "Seriously!?" I say aloud, hoping there's no one standing outside my door. I flop back onto my bed, resting my hands behind my head. If only 6 o'clock would come, then Leo and I could finally get out of this cramped up shit hole and into (or back into, depending on how you look at it) the real world. Walking, kind of, among humans again. I hadn't spoken to a living soul in over 30 years! That's a long time to go without having a conversation that isn't about someone else's gruesome death. Everytime I remember even my own death, cold fingers tickle my spine.

       "Morgan!" My door buckles in from the weight of a heavy fist pounding against it. "Open this damn door before I break it down!" I can tell its a male's voice, although I have no idea who it belongs to.

        "Hold your balls damn it!" I cry, jumping up from my bed and rushing over to the door. I swing it open and find Leo, standing with a huge grin on his face and his fist poised in mid-air.

         "They're early!" he cries, practically vibrating with excitement.

           "Who is?"

          "The Council, idiot! Come on!" He grabs my wrist and hauls me from my room. I 'm only barely able to grab onto the door handle and close the door before I'm wisked down the hall towards the main room.  I have to practically sprint to keep up with Leo's long legs, my short ones doing double time.

            "Wait up!" I say, almost tripping over a bump in the rug on the floor.

            "No, hurry up! This is important!" He starts running even faster and I can't help but laugh at his enthusiasm. I mean, he should be excited! Today we receive our last and final task before becoming full fledged guardian angels, how cool is that, right?

The End

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