Zack Finds The Okai Tribe

Zack did not at all find it easy to sleep. He got up and went to the rakaty table. He picked the letter out of his pocket.  I do wonder who the ??? Is.... Zack thought. He remembered a Ninjutsu he'd been taught as a child. In order to read what someone had concealed...ahah yes. The art of Fejan. Zack focused his mind. He went into a deep state of meditaition, before words of Sensi's thoughts unraveled in the sand of his brain.... "Hmmm....Platinum from the Okai tribe. Of course her mother came here once...beliving to lead her tribe to victory with the art on Ninjutsu....but i couldnt possibly-" Zack left meditation. The word tribe made him shudder suddenly. He thought hard. "Now why would....whats a Okai tribe!?" He shouted aloud. "Wait!" He didnt have Ninjutsu for teleporting to the place he was thinking of, nor was his brain a dictionery. "Hmmm....but the name. Of course! Up in that odd place in the south! The Okai tribe....of course...Platinum. Well she must have power if Sensi wanted her. Power i could use...." His mind trailed. "And if im not mistaken...the legends are true! Platinum has a staff of Divine wrath. will all soon be mine." He said aloud. Just you wait....After ninjutsu tommorow...Platinum will no longer be one of the Okai tribe!

The End

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