Zack Finds Platinum In The Okai Tribe

Platinum smiled. All around were happy people, building tree or bush dens, training, playing, healing, casting.... Her too scottish Wildcats Pearl And Diamond were guarding her special Medicine den, were she healed. She didnt just heal, she went out to battle and casted spells too. Many called her a mage. Her tribe-The Okai Tribe-lived in a dense forest. But there were many more of there tribe, all placed in diffrent areas. Some of the lucky ones stayed at the Cheif huge hut in the centre of the circle of tribe dens. Her mother was one of the ones who stayed, teaching magic to the young ones who would soon join a tribe. The circle of elders-Including the cheif-all stayed there too, disscussingn what to do in battle. Her friend Shade and his pet wolf Sapphire were fixing the den, but Sapphire kept bringing herbs over to Pearl and Diamond instead. She realised that was her job aswell. She went over to another of her friends River and began fixing the den too. Of course, theres no way any of them could see Zack covered by Genjutsu in the trees, watching, waiting. Waiting for nightfall...waiting for when he could use Ninjutsu to set the branches on fire...waiting to strike...

The End

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