Zacks Childhood

The Rain poured hard. Little Zack cuddled up to his black stiched blanket. "Um..Sir Hija...When will the wain stop?" He asked. "Its rain. And i dont know child. Get some sleep, you have more work in the morning." Work...thats all there ever was! No fun....just sloppy food....just pain! "But..." He stutterd. "No buts." Sir Hija snapped. "Im going to see the Hikabora cheif, good day." He left. Zack was left all alone in the hut. Well not all alone. His mum and dads spirits were there. They were allways there. Zack pulled the blanket over him. "Sweep...Sweep...." He insited to him self. "No...sleep...sleep.." He corrected himself. "But sweep sweep in the morning....then learn Ninjutsu...then Taijutsu...then all the rest..." He blinked and his eyes wavered. When he and his parents had lived in the sweet town of Ginalo, everything had been fine...but now he lived in a smelly camp, miles away from home. Of course, he couldn't tell what his futre home would be. He cuddled his blanked and the thunder and lightning came. "Ahhhhh!" He gasped very quietly. He'd got told of plenty a time for screaming. "Its ok...its just lunder and thunder and lightning!" He squealed. A tear rolled down the infants cheek. "One day...i'll show them!" He said to himself...

The End

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