Ninjutsu Begins

"Oh?" Erin looked up at the small room in the "Unique Skills Centre". "Cool or what?" Asked The Twins. "This, my friend is where we practice Ninjutsu, Taijutsu and Genjutsu!" Erin Sighed. There wasn't anyone there yet, except a boy about her age who was flipping the pages in a book titled "Ninjutsu Tricks For-" Suddenly the door across the hallway opened, and in entered a Tall man, with a black jumpsuit and a green chest jacket and trousers appeared. He had scruffy Black hair, and his eyes were hazel. "Ah...the new students." He twitched his nose. He dosent like us.... Thought Erin. The boy with the book looked at the man. "Our...Sensi i take it. A superior shinobi?" The man looked at the boy. "Zack Ukio. Yes, i am. And my name Is Sensi...just call me sensi. Oh, and Ninjutsu begins tommorow, i just wanted to see you-oh?" He turned to Erin. Erin looked at him cluelessly. "Hm...nothing special." He said rudely. "OI!" Erin shouted. "Whatever. Go and rest your wary heads-" "Its only 4.00pm!" Intrupted The twins. "NINJUTSU BEGINS TOMMOROW!" And with that, Sensi left. Erin Sighed. Why had she been dragged into this!! Zack sighed. put his book in his pocket, and left out of the door, brushing past them.

I sure hope this is worth missing my netball club! Thought Erin Leaving with the twins....

The End

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