Brina: Assembly

The first week back at school and their alreay having an assembly. Assemblies here at the Nightshade academy are quite different than the ones at normal mundane schools. here we don’t give a big ol speech about how great this years going to be or do something fun. No we have a discussion on how to behave in the dorms and in the town. They tell us all the possible punishments if we leave the town or school , if we kill a human, if we ditch class, and blah, blah, blah. Most of the older kids just mess around in the bleachers with their friends since we’ve all heard it a bunch of times. Its mostly for teh 1st and 2nd years.

So anyway as I walked through the hallways this morning on my way oto the assembly I heard some freaky rumors that Jake Lucas was back at school. I really hope they arent true. He deserves to be locked up in a metal cell for the rest of his miserable life. I spent the rest of the walk to the assembly freaking out about it.

My worst nightmare was confirmed when I entered the gym.

There he was sitting at the top of the gym with all the 5th years. Tatulah, one of the 5th years I know, and her friend sat a few seats away from him. Inside was freaking out, outside I was trying to desperately keep my composure. I held my breath as walked to the rows where the 4th years sat. It was just my luck to be practically sitting in front of him! I kept perffectly still in my seat. Fighting the urge to turn around at look at his face.

Finally I caved. I pretended to look around for someone and turned to the back row. The moment my eyes met his I coudnt look away. As he stared and  grinned an evil grin in my direction. I felt goosebumps on my arm and looked away as fast as I could.

Why on earth would they send him back here?!?!?

The End

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