I am seventeen years old. I have been arrested twice; the first time was many years ago for a little meagre theft, the last time not so long ago. I have spent a total of four weeks in jail; that is to say I was locked up on the full moon, and released on the full moon. I have committed murder once to date, on my own full moon; of that number of occasions, 'once', I am not yet satisfied.

I have been tried for murder. You could not say I got away with it. I spent three days in court, resisting the urge to change, and sink my teeth deep into the flesh of every beady-eyed, disapproving man in a suit, all intent on securing my future in front of my eyes.

The judge was the worst. The final decision rested with him, and it was he who announced those words, although his fear of me was evident in every syllable he uttered. It was he who had me placed back here in this school. They know where I am now. But they don't know what I am thinking. They can't get into my mind, and they have no idea how they have decided their own fates in attempting to decide mine.

And so I am back in this death-hole, where the kids perish from their fear of themselves, and where the stench of secrets can be scented a mile off. At least, I can smell a secret a mile off.  And I will always gain what I want. Even when it means sacrificing myself to get it.

So that's where I'm at. Nightshade Academy, the home of werewolves and the body of my revenge. I thank you, Nightshade, in advance, for without you my revenge would not be possible.

This is the story of my revenge. My revenge on a naive judge, an old girlfriend and my cursed informer, all hell rain down on him; but not before I have had my revenge on Nightshade Academy; that is what I want most of all. I may thank you, Nightshade, but still I will hate you.

My name is Jake Lucas, and let no person forget it.

The End

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