Kayla: 3

The teacher said class dismissed and I hurried out of the classroom and into the lunchroom. I ran to my table so no one would steal it. But someone was already sitting at it.

"Great." It was the new boy Draco, ugh, so way was he going to steal my table. I looked up and down the aisles, then spotted Brina and her pals. I quickly changed tables.

"Hi, Brina can I sit here Draco, the new kid, stole my table." I asked politely.

"Sure..." She then began talking to Jill and I played with my food. I hated school food, it was gross, and they always had mushy stuff all over the sanwiches. That I didn't know what it was.

I took my tray and threw it in the trash, then began walking to my next class. I didn't care if my next class was the class of the horriblest teacher, I didn't care. I just needed a room to think.

The End

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