Mio - Wolfborn Syndrome

Help me, dear God. Dear God of werewolves, if you're there, help me, please.

I have been squatting here in the attic for the past two hours. I came here straight after our lesson with Mr Bane, ran here, as fast as my legs would carry me. I can't remember exactly when it happened. It could've been when I was running up the stairs, or when I was sitting down and packing the boxes around myself, so that I could be as small and hidden as possible from the terrible truth. It could've been while I have been here, in the boxes.

The fact remains that I am here now possessed of a tail, a long nose, pointy ears and coarse grey fur. Pale fur. So pale it looks as if I'm ill.

I am ill. I'm a werewolf with Wolfborn Syndrome. That's what I am. I can't remember if I was bitten or not. It was erased from my memory after my first transformation, which came late. It was two full moons after my thirteenth, not one, that I first felt my body ripped from its natural shape. No one knew at the time. They never asked me my birthday. Until now I have always believed that my birthday was later than it actually is. Somehow now, as I transform once again, the wolf recalls more than the person. Am I then more wolf than human?

Mr Bane said that the legendary wolf, who was a teacher here forty years ago, had an idea that wolfblood would cure him. And it didn't. Did it? So please, God, don't give me a craving for blood. It's not likely. I've always hated blood. The word 'blood' made me shiver.

I need some help from somewhere. I need help. And soon. I can never go into fifth year. If I transform at any time, how can I mask myself from society? I shall just rot here in fourth year, lonely and friendless, for the rest of my life. But where can I get help from? No one must ever know about me. Can I find out more from Mr Bane? I can't; he was reluctant to tell much because of the subject being virtually forbidden here.

But I must know more. I must. I feel so alone.

But I have the syndrome. Why else would I be here in the attic now, a wolf in broad daylight.

No one must find me here.

The End

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