Balthazar - Teaching Take 2

'Good morning class,' I said as I wondered into the small stone room. The fourth years all fell silent as I placed the thick volumes onto the creaky old desk at the front, their faces were a mixture of wide eyed awe, utter boredom, slight interest...and one girl was asleep. Talutah was sat at the back of the class with a pen in hand, a tall boy with a soft face and sparkling mischievous eyes sat beside her. She gave me a small smile and a nod. 'I'm Mr. Bane and I'm going to be teaching you today a little about our history.'

'We did this in the second year!' the boy sat beside Talutah pointed out with a grin. 

'Then you should find this easy sir.' I smiled back. 'Nudge that girl awake would you?' a boy reached over his deck giving the girl a hard poke on the shoulder. She bolted upright.

'Huh?' she blurted out looking around the room with tired eyes.

'I do not tolerate sleeping in my class ma'am.'

'Sorry sir.' she mumbled rubbing her eyes with the heel of her palms.

'Just don't let it happen again.' Turning to the rest of the class I sat onto the desk. 'You sir at the back,' I said to the boy next to Talutah.


'Yes sir you, seen as you did this a few years ago you should have no problem telling the class who the first werewolf was?' the teenager smiled nervously and turned to Talutah who stifled a smile.

'Erm...I...Oh wait!' he said suddenly with a smile. 'Lupin Shadowhall! He was a monk in the middle ages!'

'Yes he was a monk sir, but he was the first to document the symptoms of early signs of werewolfism no the first werewolf.'

'Why do you call everyone sir and ma'am?' asked a British boy in the front row, his hair short and a multitude of different shades of grey.

'Why do you call me sir?'

'Because you’re a teacher...'

'It's a sign of respect, you respect me it's only right I respect you the same. Can anyone answer my question?' a girl in the middle threw her hand into the air. As she did her scent drifted down on the classroom filling my nostrils, pureblood. 'Yes ma'am.'

'It was Romulus and Reamus.' she smiled confidently.

'A common misconception,' I said jumping off my desk.

'It's a trick question.' the voice drifting from the back of the class. Talutah had her hand in the air; I nodded for her to continue. 'Nobody knows who the first werewolf was, the earliest record of us are on cave paintings in Siberia.'

'Very good ma'am. Yes our people's origin is unknown, earliest records of us are as Miss. Kagi O Iyokpaza says are on cave paintings in Siberia that show a pack of twenty three wolves and a full moon in the top corner.' clicking the button on the desk the lights died and the projector burst into life. Plastering the picture of the painting on the chalk board behind me. The thin childish stick figures shown holding spears and bow and arrows towards a huge group of massive werewolves. After forty five minutes the kids hands were ready to drop off with the amount of information I was feeding them so I stopped and sat back on the desk. The lesson had gone well I thought, the kids seemed interested, especially Brina the pureblood and Talutah. Almost everyone asked relevant questions which meant they understood what I was telling them, this teaching experience had certainly gone a lot better than the first. 'Pens down everyone I think we've done enough for one day,' I smiled as they dropped their pens with a sigh of relief. Shaking their hands to try and ease the pain in their fingers.

'Seen as there's fifteen minutes of lesson left before lunch, does anyone have any questions about anything?' Kellan's hand fired into the air. 'Anything that isn't about my work.' I smiled; he smiled back with a small laugh. He above all others seemed interested in my line of work.

'Can you tell us about Ragnar Blackmane?' asked a girl named Emily near the middle. The air froze at the mention of his name.

'Why on Earth would you want to know about him?' I asked looking at the girl, she was small and hadn't said much through the lesson.

'Our teachers won't tell us about him,' said Talutah.

'Yeah I dunno' why though...' Said Draco.

'Could you sir?' whispered Brina leaning forward. All of them were. As if I were a black hole sucking them towards me. Even Draco who had been bored through most of the lesson was now leaning against his desk in anticipation. 

'If I do, never mention any of what I tell you to any other teachers, am I understood?' I asked forcefully.

'Yes sir.' they all chanted in unison.

'Ragnar Blackmane was a werewolf who suffered from a rare condition that some of our people suffer from called Wolfborn Syndrome.' I paused thinking of how to better explain it to them. 'Who here was bitten?' a forest of hands gingerly rose into the air. 'When you were bitten venom was injected into your bloodstream, this venom attacks and changes cells in your body making you werewolves but not all the cells are changed, some remain human. When children are born between werewolves the number of human cells left decreases until mostly every cell is werewolf, this is what gives us our strength...speed. But a rare condition mutated in so called 'pure blood' werewolves, werewolves with this condition are unable to control their transformations.'

'Do just pure bloods get it?' asked Mio softly.

'No ma'am it can be passed through bites, but don't worry you'd know if you had it.' I paused again regaining my thought train. 'Magnar Blackmane had this condition but his developed later into his life, believing that werewolf blood could strengthen and cure him he went on a killing spree through NightShade killing fourteen students and drinking their blood. He was a teacher here forty years ago.' the kids looked shocked and disgusted as I finished.

'What happened to him?' squeaked Kellan.

'He killed himself when he was lucent enough to realise what he'd done...' the bell rang like a gunshot the kids jump.

The End

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