Kera: Orders.

Boys, boys, boys. Why must they be every where? These thoughts rushed through Kera's head, making her dizzy.

They even lurked in the corners of hallways, curled up in the foetal position; something she had only recently discovered.

As Kera made her way into the buzzing classroom, a path was once again made for her as she made her way to the back of the classroom - she took the seat next to the window. She had cleverly worked out in her first year at Night Shade that if he sat around here in every classroom for every lesson (as long as the tall ginger boy sat in front of her), she could fall asleep with no worries.


'Mhmm?' She sighed, closing her eyes. Comforted by the softness of the girls voice. It reminded her of her older sisters and gave her a sense of calm.

'Do you have a spare pen?'


'Can I use it?'

'Yes, it's in my bag - third pocket from the top.' Kera replied. She heard the girl rustle around for it, Kera opened one eye to see if she needed any help. Much to Kera's disgust, her acute sense of smell had failed her; because standing next to her bag was no women. But a boy who was obviously skilled at a female voice.

'Crap-' Was the last word he got in before she hooked him round the jaw. There was a shriek and a sickening clicking noise as the boys jaw became unhinged.

'Oh my god... he was only asking for a pen, Kera!' One girl shouted angrily. Kera stayed silent; the teacher who had fallen quiet with the rest of the class's face grew red.

'Kera Oliver! Go the headmistresses office, now!' She yelled, her voice laced with fury.

Kera spared the tearful boy one last glance before she let her patent Dr Martin-clad feet take her away from the classroom.

'Maybe I'm too violent...' She pondered aloud, before walking straight into a tired looking boy with multi coloured hair.

'Are you?' He asked, uninterested.

'Move...' She paused as the boy's eyebrows shot up, 'now.' Just as she finished the "now" part, another boy with raven black hair sauntered up to the scene, 'foetal position boy.' She said boredly.

What're these two idiotic looking fourth years doing out of class? Need to get a move on. Move dammit! Move! She thought angrily in her head, why do they look like they're about to laugh at me... Ahhh, I'm going to rip their heads off it they don't move out of my friggin' way!

The End

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