Mio - Cloakroom

I've said nothing for a whole week now. It's nothing special, for me. I've been observing people. Watching the new kids is so painful. They are all so scared, and I just want to tell them that I'm scared too, that I know what it feels like, but it'll be fine for them, and it may never be fine for me.

I seem to have the power of making myself invisible, perhaps more strangly than my power to shapeshift. Not physically invisible - I just don't seem to be noticed. And yet I'm not the shortest in the class. The twins are much shorter than I am.

Classes this week have been non-existant, to me. Teachers never seem to see that I haven't heard anything at all they're saying. I sit at the front by the window, fold my arms and stare straight ahead, and am ignored.

Not that I mind. Not at all. It sometimes worries me what I should say if I was caught not listening...maybe, once. Perhaps I should just stare back. Sometimes I get so lost inside my head I don't have a clue what's going on around me.

Tonight I've been pacing the cloakroom for three hours now, because it's dark and quiet and there's nobody here. I might stay here a little while longer, and then go up to the dorm. Perhaps I could stay here all night. If I use my long cloak as a blanket and make a nest on the big window sill I'll be fine.

I won't be noticed. No one comes here at this time of night.

The End

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