Brina: new boys

I almost ran to the lunchroom. I grabbed a plate of hot food and milk then hurried towards the table me and my friends sit at. I was surprised to see Kayla Jones sitting at our table also. I sat next to my best friend Jillian Hager. Across from me was Rylee and Kaylee Newnam.

 “ Oh my gosh Brina, have you seen the new boys?” Kaylee asked me. It looked like she was bouncing in her seat.

I giggled. “Kay, you look like the pink energizer bunny. Please clam yourself.”  Jillian laughed. “Well I have. There 4thyears like us. I heard that one of the two, Draco Robinson, got expelled from the Scotland school and sent here. His friend Jamie came with.” 

“I saw them to. I think Draco’s cute.” Rylee put in.

“Rylee, I thought you still had your eye on Brock Westover!” Jilly laughed.

I tuned out my friends and turned to Kayla, who was silently picking at her lunch.

"So how's your day been?" I asked her.

She mumbled a fine. I was going to respond but the bell rang signaling that lunch was over.

The End

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