Jamie: close one

I was slumped on the floor outside the classroom Draco was in. My back was to the wall and I was trying to be invisable, I was still jet lagged and it was seven o'clock so midnight back home. My iphone had run out of battery ages ago and the halls were empty. I scuffed the floor with my red converses. I pricked my ears as I heard the soft footfalls at the far end of the corridor, getting closer. I turned my head, slightly peeking between the hair that had fallen over my face and knees. I sensed the agression coming off the girl immediatly, same as Draco's. I pulled myself tight hoping that she'd ignore me.

My heart skipped a beat when she stopped infront of me. I stared at her gleaming boots, I gulped. and looked up at her face. She didn't look happy.
"Um hello" I squeaked, the girl looked a little taken aback that my voice marked me out as a guy.

"I hate boys" she said, before turning on her heel and carrying on down the corridor. 'close one' I thought to myself and retreated back into my mind. I snapped to from where I had fallen asleep when i was lazily nudged in the foot.

"Jamie, you could've gone to bed"

"I wanted to wait for you"

"Whatever" Draco sauntered off, i scampered after him, thinking about the girl.

The End

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