Kera picked at her food, licking the odd piece of ham that came off in her fingers, before flicking it back onto the plate. She didn't eat with anyone, and no offered to eat with her. That's just the way life was; everyone avoided Kera Oliver. Not only due to her oddball attire, what with her always polished, patent Dr Martins and wacky sense of style, it's no surprise. But that was just their "cover reason", no one wanted to go near her because she was scary. Her unnaturally green eyes seemed to glare at everyone, and the fact that her brows were always furrowed didn't help at all!

She had slept all the way through History of Legends, and was later told by her teacher that they had a test on what they had learned that lesson. But, Kera being Kera, she managed to ignore this fact completely, carrying on with her day calmly.

'Kera! Lend me your not-' crack. As the boy, who she vaguely remembered as Joe -from history class- rudely demanded for something that didn't exist in Kera's bag, Kera's fish shot out like a bullet -- right into the middle of his face.

'I hate boys,' she said simply, leaving her food untouched. As she exited the Second Year's dining hall, people moved from her path; determined not to make any contact what so ever with the young girl.

Seems this year'll be a long one too, She thought tiredly.

The End

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