I’ve always known that I was a werewolf from the day I learned to speak. I come from a very long bloodline of werewolves. My parents, their parents, etc. I lived in Utah until I was 10 years old, then my parents sent me to live with my Grandma Lynda in  Nightshade, Alaska. I remember how excited I was when I turned 13. My first transformation was quite scary for me, it felt as if my bones were being ripped from inside my small body as it changed its form. The school locked me inside a metal room during my first change, they said it was for the protection of the town or something like that. I remember how weird and strange it was to have to stand on four feet. I stumbled a lot as I walked around the room. I vaguely remember trying to get out through the one small window in the  place. I finally grew tired of this and sank to the floor growling in frustration. I beleive that I fell asleep because I dont remember anything else except waking up back in my human form. Changeing into a wolf after that became fairly easy without all of the pain I experianced the first time.

Now I'm back to school as a 4th year. I cant wait till I graduate next year and released out into human socity. I was moved into a dorm this year because my grandmother passed away. I still wont meet my roomates until later tonight.

I walked into Mr. Hanks class right before the bell rang. I took the only empty seat next to Kayla Jones.

"You guys need to be more careful! Do not tell any humans about our existents or you will, you will." He paused to smile at Kayla, she returned the smile."die."

She popped her hand up. "Yes, Miss Jones." Everbody gawked at his politeness when just a minute ago he was yelling at us.

"Umm, I was wondering. What happens to the people who bite humans?"

"Well, Jones, they will surve the rest of their lives in prison."

Kayla fell asleep in class again. Class was pretty boring...i couldnt wait till lunch when I could see my friends again.

The End

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