I walked in to the classroom and sat at my seat by the window. Nobody seemed to notice me they were to buisy focussing on the lecture Mr. Hanks was giving them.

"You guys need to be more careful! Do not tell any humans about our existents or you will, you will." He paused to smile at me, I returned the smile."die."

I popped my hand up. "Yes, Miss Jones." Everbody gawked at his politeness when just a minute ago he was yelling at them.

"Umm, I was wondering. What happens to the people who bite humans?"

"Well, Jones, they will surve the rest of their lives in prison." Oh, no, I was in big trouble. I centered on the memory and rested my head on the cool desk. I drifted into yesterday.

I turned crazed and wild. I felt the sensation of having paws. I ran into the forest determined to keep my prey unaware of their follower.

A hiss came from the right and snakes pored out of the hole. They paused not knowing if they whould strike. Ha, they were confused. I kicked them out of the way and pressed my nose to the ground. A sweet scent filled my nostrils and I continued on the path.

I turned the corner, there sat on the ground a frail looking girl, ten or so. Her eyes met mine and they widened in horror.

"Noooo." she shivered and sunk her head in her knees. "Please don't eat me."

I growled seeking my human voice, but only making a growling noise. That seemed to scare her more. The girl got up, her body shaking with fear. That's when I had had enough. I launched myself at my prey. Searching for exposed skin and sinking my teeth into her neck. Blood poored into my mouth and I gagged.

I ran from the scene leaving the little girl, drained of blood, and lying in a heep on the forest muck. I was in trouble.......

"Miss Jones. Miss Jones."

"Whaat?" I yawned waking up from last night.

"There is no sleeping in class, or day dreaming. What ever you were doing. You are supposed to focus on me."

"Oh, I'm so sorry."

"Well, it's too late fore sorry's you've been doing this alot lately. The other teachers talked to me." He had lost his patience.


"No buts, Missy, you earned yourself a detention. Here's 6:00."

Ugh, another detention. It felt like I was already in prison. Why copuldn't I just be normal?

The End

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