I was wondering down the corridors, Jamie so close behind me others must have thought  he was some kinda freak. I stopped outside the door, reading the sign outloud.

"Fourth years - Defendor class"

"They spelt defender wrong" mutterd Jamie, I rolled my eyes, he's been like this for the whole trip here. I pushed the door open with my foot. my hands still in my pockets. The teacher turned from where he was writing on the whiteboard, his name it appeared. Mr Sedlacek. He glared at Jamie and I. Jamie shrunk behind me.

"Your late!" he yeeled, his whiskey throat rather humurous. Well to me, Jamie tightened his grip on my t-shirt. "I ought to put you in detention"

"Alright mate, we got lost, not our fault" I said, my voice still chilled and unintrested. He stopped mid rant, lost for words. I wandered to the back of the class room, taking in the intrested looks of the class members. I slumped into a desk at the back, it was an intresting set up, a desk and a table in one. I couldn't really orintate myself in a relaxed position. I settled for resting my head in my arms on the table, watching the board. The teacher looked like he was going to burst. Jamie was still at the front. The teache rrounded on him, and I smirked.

"You, girl, whats your name!" That made me burst into laughter, the teacher looked back at me. "Detention!" he yelled, I made a face when he looked away and slumped back down. "So girly what's your name?"

"Jamie, Mr Little farmer" The teacher flew into a rage at the class, when they burst into laughter.

"Shut up!" The class went silent, he rounded on Jamie

"How do you know what my name means?" The class made a confused sound, jamie blushed, but didn't say anything. "Sit down my freind, your latness is excused" the teacher said kindly. Great I thought to myself, Jamie gets away with everything, he'd pay for it later. But then again, too much trouble and I'd be lugging him all the way to japan, so I'd better get used to this dump, two years at Nightshade, great.

The End

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