The story is basically about a school for werewolves. They start at age the 13 until 17 or 18 depending on their birthday. They have their 1st transformation the full moon after their 13th birthday. After that they can phase whenever. If your charecter was bitten then they'll have special classes.
The first year (when they experience signs of transformation) teachers or a set crew of werewolves can wrangle up these coming werewolves and their classes could be about accepting who they've become and learning to control urges and whatnot so they don't kill people, common rules, etc.

Second years could learn the legends of the werewolf.

Third years could learn how to protect themselves/their secret.

Fourth years could learn about the natural enemies of werewolves.

Fifth years could learn how to live in normal society without being detected and being as responsible as can be.

The End

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