I wander what to do next. I've never really met another vampire before. Me and Ebony just wander round. And I hope to high heavens that she doesn't mind. By morning she's followed me in six different circles that all end in the same place. Then, as the sun rises, I decide to do something about myself and my complete boredom. I walk into the nearest shop and buy a pair of skinny jeans and a purple top that says 'Angel' on it in pink letters, and some grey pumps. Then I go into the toilets of the shop (which happens to be Primark) and wash my face. I put the clothes on in a cubicle and, after buying a bag, stuff my other clothes into it. I then buy a hairbrush and drag it through my hair until it has no knots. Then I buy some nail clippers and cut my nails. And I paint red over the black with some sample nail varnish. When I look in the mirror, I notice that my hair has actually grown really thick, and with all the knots out it goes down to my knees. And it looks really dull compared to other people's hair. So, I go into the hairdressers and get it layered and cut. And I have brown highlights put in it. I then go into a make-up shop and use the samples to make myself look more like the average 15 year old girl. So, when I walk into the street, the time now being 8:03, I look like a very pretty teenager. It would be just 'a pretty teenager' but being pretty comes naturally with being a vampire. Ebony watches all this with a confused face. And she asks the question I expect her to ask when I finally stop.

"OK... What's with the change in look?"

"I plan to go somewhere that wouldn't appreciate the exaggerated goth look" I tell her.

"Where?" she asks.

"Oh yeah! I forgot, you might wanna come with me! Sorry, I can be so selfish sometimes. I'm used to being on my own"

"But where are you going?" Ebony asks again.

"Ebony, how d'you think you'd cope with school?"

The End

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