I wandered through the halls of the school making my way toward my next class. I'm pretty well known around the school but I'm not super popular. The only thing I'm afraid someone will find out is that I'm not a human. I'm a vampire. I wear sun glasses during the day so that I can go outside. I was bitten a few years ago on my sixteenth birthday by my boyfriend, Jared who I'm still hooked up with. I can only see him once a month though because he's alway gone off somewhere. He will never tell me where though. After I was bitten I went into hiding until I decided to go back to school so that I wouldn't be so self consious about policemen finding me. I still am but not as much.

"Hey Mel! You want to hang out after school?" It was my best friend Jenna.

"I can't." I said "I'm busy."

"You're almost always busy!" Jenna complained.

"I'm sorry but I've got a date with Jared." I smiled a little

"Oh so mystery boy is in town again today?" Jenna asked a little indignatly

"He's not mystier--"

"You call being gone somewhere unknown no mystierious?" Jenna gave me her little annoyed look. I was surprised we were still friends. We had so many arguments.

That night while I was making my way to the place where Jared and I usually met I spotted two other people. I could tell they weren't humans. I stayed near the small builing nearby and looked at them. Just then a hand grabbed my wrist and I almost screamed. I turned to see Jared who flashed me a smile.

The End

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