I hate drinking from children, I really really do. But this child had been dying, and I was overly thirsty. I walk out of the garden of the small house and a pair of eyes flash right at me. No human eyes can flash like that. I step out onto the road. The vampire is standing outside one of them shops where you get lucky charms and stuff like that. I walk up to her and straighten my dark red top over my black jeans. I purposely flick my bouncy, waist length black hair out of my face, even though I don't need to. The girl looks at me and raises her eyebrows. I know what she's seeing. Extremely sparkly black eyeshadow and overly applied black liquid eyeliner. Topped off with blood red lipstick and a trickle of blood coming down from the left croner of me lip. Anyone who saw me in the street would immediately think 'Goth'.

"Hi" I say, wiping the blood away with my index finger (extra long nails, painted black). I have long nails because I don't like digging my teeth into my victims, so I make a cut with my nail and drink from that. "I'm Milantha, you?"

"Ebony. You're a bit OTT, don't you think?" she says

"Yeah, I know. I like it though"

The End

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