Floppy ears, 

Really? Floppy ears. I snorted and turned back round in time to see Zuri head back towards the school. She hadn't changed one bit, still the one who got irritated by the slightest riddle. My lip twitched in remembrance, I sighed and turned back to watch Midnight. 

Some things... feelings... couldn't be understood by anyone, no matter what, no one truly understood how you felt apart from yourself. My kind never bothered with feelings, we left them a long time ago but over the past decade of being around him.I think I've started to understand some of those feelings and even felt some.

I closed my eyes and sat down on the ground. I began humming to myself and stopped abruptly, my eyes snapped open. I never used to hum, my eyes caught something of the ground. I glanced down to see a flower hidden under some of the leaves that had fallen to the ground.

I picked it up gently and turned it around in my hands. The leaves were a deep blue colour with a sheen of purple, in the middle was what looked like a silver bud. I put a finger to the bud and watched as the middle unfurled to show a small silver flower in the middle. It spun back closed and I realized I was smiling. My mind went back to a few years ago,

"Hey! What's this?" I turned round to see a young boy standing behind me. His hair was the colour of a fox's coat with the tips a mixture of white and black. In his hands sat a flower that glowed softly under the moon light. 

Smiling I walked over to him and reached out, gently taking the flower from him. He looked up at me, watching as I turned the flower round in my hands. I brought it down and held it out to him, 

"Touch the middle," He looked at me curiously but reached out a hand and touched the middle of the flower. The sliver bud opened slowly,

"This is a Midnight Flower, they're fleeting like the moons ray's and only appear to those it feels need them. They can see into your heart and are meant to be able to record the essence of all those who touch them. For example, say a man touched this flower over a century ago and I was to touch it I would be able to know the name of the man, what he was feeling and maybe what even happened to him. They come and go, always leading to those who need them. Who knows? Maybe one day someone dear to you shall receive this flower."

I opened my eyes and looked to where Midnight was still sitting in front of the grave.

"Someone dear to you shall receive this flower?" I got up and walked over to where Midnight was. I made sure not to make any noise and just watched her for a while, she didn't notice me. Finally I threw the flower onto the spot in front of the grave and in front of her. It twirled down gently and rested carefully on top of the other flowers. 

Midnight gasped in surprise and spun round to look at me,

"Where did you find this?" She said quietly,

"They appear when you need them, you know how it works?" Midnight glanced down at the flower and picked it up gently,

"N-Not really..." I knelt down next to her and picked up one of her hands, I placed her finger on the tip of the bud and she gasped as the bud un-curled.

"M-Maz..." She sobbed gently,

"Maybe one day someone dear to you shall receive this flower," I said quietly. I was staring so intensely at the flower that I was taken off guard as Midnight hugged me. For a moment I didn't know what to do, I looked down at her head as she sobbed into my top. I placed a hand carefully on her back,

"Uh..." She didn't hear me.

"You do know I have to wear this top right?" She let go of me quickly and blushed,

"I'm sorry... You just remind me of Maz... Who are you?" I looked at her puzzled,

"I'm Lapin."

"No, no you're not. You're someone else... Please tell me about Maz!" She looked up at me pleading. I shook my head and said,

"No one can tell you about him, he is who you think he is. He is who you see him to be. He was a closed flower, but once and a while was touched upon by someone and opened up to show something about himself, much like this flower, no one see the same image twice. So no one can tell you about him because you already know him."

Midnight looked down at the flower and then back up but I was already gone.

"Floppy ears... really?!" I muttered to myself as I moved down the path back to the school.

The End

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