Again I drifted away from the party, much like everyone else. The corridors were quite and the night was drawing to end. I didn't know where to begin explaining my vision to Damien. Who was the little girl? When I thought about it something was different. The little girl looked older. When I first saw her she looked about 5 or 6. In this vision she looked in her early teen's, but I couldn't be sure.

I stopped outside a closed off room, the old me would of seen what was going on with the room. But I knew that room. I knew what was going with that room. I was the course for that room being closed off. I had changed soo much lately. Was it all for the good?

Corvina had taken away everything. I could never enter that room again. My confidence was gone and I didn't know how I could get it back this time. I felt lost, I had all these emotions inside of me and I couldn't let them escape. Damien tried his best, but even he it wasn't enough. Music that was the only thing that would release these emotions. Anger, frustration, sadness, confusion and pain. It was driving me mad.

There was one thing that could help me to revile everything. I turned and ran down the empty corridor doors. I couldn't, could I? I done it before, it was easy enough. I walked now stepping out into the last of the night, holding my left wrist, and then clenching my fingers feeling my nails as they grazed the skin.

"What am I doing?!" I gasped out falling down to the floor. "It's not meant to be like this!" I sat leaning against the wall with my legs curled up and my head on my knees. "Why am I weak? Why did I let this happen? Why did I let her? Why?"

Tears silently came down my eyes ruining what little make-up I had on.

"You know it isn't like you to ruin your make-up." I lifted my head and looked it to very familiar hazel eyes and short blond curly hair. He handed me a tissue catching my wounded hand. He flipped it over seeing the nail marks; he brought it to his lips and kissed it. My body tingled when he sunk his teeth down. "Scars heal Crystal even if you can still see them." I could feel my eye lids closing and all too soon I was wrapped in familiar scent. 


When I woke the next day it took me a few moments to figure out where I was. Where was Damien? I was soo used to him being next to me, like my shadow always looking over me.

"Damien?" I called out climbing out of bed. I've here before, I recognize the room.

"You should be resting." I turned to face the voice surprised to even hear it.

"Lucas!" I practically jumped at him wrapping my body over him.

"Crystal." And he hugged me back, I jumped down facing him. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine." I lied but like Damien Lucas knew when I was lying, he rolled his eyes leading me back to his bed. "Damien does he know where I am?" Pain shot through my body thinking of him.

"He knows where you are. But I have to speak with you. Alone." He voice turning serious.

"Lucas what is it"? I asked.

"It's your father." Taking a deep un-needed breath he continued. "He wants to see you, Crystal."

"What?" I gasped. "My. Father. No I don't believe you; he never wanted to see me when I was a child. Why now? What I don't get it."

"He told me Crystal face to face. These more to it though, why he wants to see you that is."

"What no I won't, he can't suddenly decide that he wants to be a father to me. Where was he when I little huh? Or even better where was he when my mother got attack by that vampire!" My anger flared I stood up walked over to the window. "Why now after all of these years?"

"He's going to be killed." Lucas finally said after the silence.

I spurn back round meeting his eyes. "What did he do then?"

"He was with a group of vampire slayers, but got attacked himself. They brought him in for questioning. Most humans that kill one of our kind or any, well depending on the reasons. They are put to death." Lucas kept eye contact with me watching for any reaction. "I got the call the same night and I went to see him. That's when he told me."

"When. When is it happening?" I asked.

"Soon, he requested for you to visit him. I of course will be going with you, but if you wanted to hav-


"Me and you then your out of lessons an-

"No Lucas."


"Just no. Not now, not tomorrow, not next week. In fact!" My voice was raising Lucas stood up as I started walking towards him. "I want to be the one to KILL HIM!"

"You don't mean that Crystal I know you don't, your just upset and everything getting to you." He was trying to clam me down, keeping eye contact with me. "Crystal you should go." Then I knew what he was doing, my fist was fast but he was faster and caught it.

"Don't you dare use your powers on me!" He wouldn't let me go.

"I'm sorry and I know why you would say that about killing your father-

"Don't call him that! You haven't got the first clue why I would say that, just stop." My voice whispered at the end.

"Your right I don't, but I want to hurt him just as much as you do. He's made you like this, but you can't let him win Crystal please. You should at list see him." He urged desperately. "Your regret it."

"No." I pulled free grabbed my shoes and going to the door when he called again.

"Your do the right thing Crystal, you always do."

"Goodbye dad." It was the first time I ever really said that to Lucas it shocked both of us.

"I'm staying until you make your mind up, daughter." I closed the door then, now my head was a mess of emotions. I was back to square one, no way of releasing everything in my mind.           

The End

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