I didn't realize where I was going until I heard something rustle behind me, I carried on walking and smiled to myself, Midnight, how... curious.

I looked ahead and noticed the grave site in front of me, I sighed and changed my course slightly. I heard Midnight gasp in surprise as she lost her footing, I turned round calmly and opened my arms, catching her as she fell down.

I smiled knowingly, "Well, what a pleasant surprise Midnight." She gave me a pout before jumping out of my arms and standing in front of me, arms crossed.

"Right Lapin I know that you knew Mazany; the way you mood changed slightly when I say his name, the way you act is another, a lot maturer than you age and lastly just the way he would treat me." She paused and I saw sadness glinting behind her eyes, "Please if you know something about him I would like to know" Her voice decreased at the end as she glanced down at the floor, not meeting my eyes.

"All in good time Midnight, all in good time." I said quietly, I carried on walking the way I had gone. I knew she was going to visit Mazany. Sure enough I heard her run in the way of the graves. I turned around and watched as she knelt down in front of the grave, I walked over to a tree and watched her and she said something. I didn't care to listen, this wasn't for my ears.

I watched sadly as I saw her lay down and close her eyes, Poor girl, she's haunted by the memories. She can't sleep unless she's close to him.

I moved out from behind the tree and walked over to where she was laying, I knelt down in front of the grave and whispered,

"Soon Moon flower you will know. You will know the truth."

I saw her slip further into sleep. I glanced up at the grave and nodded my head,

"Also for you. Soon she shall come for you. Time has no meaning when it comes to the workings of Space."


I watched as I saw everyone welcome the Witch girl Jorden and Benjamin. A birthday, on the day of the summer solstice how... appropriate.

I saw a vampire girl with red hair step outside. Something seemed to emanate from her back, something that she had done. Curse that Edward for bringing her back, maybe Mazany would still be alive. I shook my head, everything is already determined even though there are many different roads.

I moved silently over to where the girl was standing, she was fiddling with her bracelet. I smiled with no joy,

"Isn't it strange how such a small thing can mean a lot? Hmm?" She spun round surprised and looked me up and down. I resisted the urge to tug at the purple bits on my head.

"You're the student... The new one that Midnight was talking about." She gasped suddenly.

I felt myself laugh quietly and gave her a knowing smile, "Topic of conversation, that is a first." I paused and looked at her carefully,

"Tell me Crystal, gifts are not always wanted, nor are the always received to the right people. It's other people who do not wish to to be gifted that find themselves gifted."

Crystal looked into my eyes surprised and a little shocked. I carried on,

"Gifts should be treasured; it doesn't have to be anything big or expensive."

"Who are you?" Her eyes widened slightly, "Hang on a minute. How do you know my name? I never told you my name , so how could you have known?"

I ignored her question and carried on,

"You could owe someone a gift, have you ever thought of that? Have you ever heard the saying; 'Not everything comes in a box'?" I didn't give her time to answer,

"You have gone through a lot. Why did you go after that boy when he was in his darkest state? How could you trust him not to kill you?" She looked at me confused, she didn't realize that I couldn't have known that instead she said,

"He was our friend. He may have had Shadow in side of him but he was still Mazany. He was still the boy who risked his own life to try and help me, the one who made me feel better. We helped each other, both needing the other's shoulder. I trust all my friend's, I knew he was in there, I knew he wouldn't let Shadow hurt me. He was in pain yet he never showed it really, he left to keep us safe... I trusted him just because he was a friend."

I looked up at the sky and smiled to myself sadly,

"I'm glad there are people like you Crystal. I am glad to have met you at least once in my life." I glanced down and she was staring at me surprised.

"I'm Lapin by the way. You better be getting back, I think your boyfriend is becoming concerned." I frowned thoughtfully as the fallen angel appeared,

"How interesting. I see you are a Time being." He looked at me carefully, I smiled and turned to leave.

"Well good bye Crystal Storm. Good bye Damien." With that I left and went back to my room. 

The End

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