"Stop...stop it now, get ready." I said between laughing on the bed, Damien on top of me.

"Now where will be fun in that?" He smiled his beautiful smile, showing his white dazzling teeth. I loved seeing him like this, his eyes sparkled and to me they seemed to be changing lately. His hair was changing to; the tips of his hair were turning a light blonde colour. Even some of his feathers were turning lighter.

"You got to stop tickling me." I said trying to move away, but he playfully grabbed me and I growled playfully too. "Damien."

"Crystal." Then we laughed together.

"I have a gift for you broncolaia." Damien went to side draw opening it and taking something out of it.

"A gift for me Angelo?" I asked feeling excited at the thought of Damien giving me a gift.

"You trust me right?" He teased.

"Always." I promised.

"Close your eyes for me. Hold your hand out." He ordered and I did. Something fell into my waiting palm; it felt light as I moved my figures examined it, feeling the pendent.

"You can open your midnight eyes now." He whispered. When I opened my eyes I gasped at the gift. "A little something that will make you think of me." It was a charm bracelet, a thin sliver chain; hanging of it was some sliver wings.

I was lost for words. It was beautiful so delicate.

"If it's not to your taste then, I could change it. It nothing much I" -

 I placed my free hand on his blabbering lips, shutting him up.

"Angelo it's beautiful, how could I not love it?" He kissed hand, then he took the charm bracelet and I suddenly found it clasped on my right wrist. "Thank you Damien." He smiled and kissed my fore head.


The room that Orlando had ‘acquired' had glass windows (tinted) all along one side of the room. There was a large round table in the middle of the room, where me and Damien were putting the last of the food on trays. Midnight had finished with the music so she was helping Zuri with the last of the decorations. Orlando and Alzena stepped in the room then, everyone said hello's them. Benjamin was already with Jordan and would be bring her in any minute now. Everything was set and looking good.

I sighed looking at the charm bracelet, touching the angel wings. I lost in thought so I didn't realise who was sitting next to me until they spoke.

"Damien?" It was Midnight I meet her eyes, those eyes that were still hunted with Mazany death.

"Yer couldn't believe it when he gave it me." I told her. "How are you?"

"He's a softie deep down. I'm happy for you, both of you." She smiled then added "Both of you have suffered enough in your pasts. Seems only right that you should find happiness together." I could see the true meaning behind her worlds, the hurt that it coursed her to say it. Her and Damien had a strong past together; they were more like brother and sister.

"Thank you Middy, that means a lot." I noticed how never did answer my question as to how she was.

"Anytime, hey I've being meaning to ask you." She began. "Have you seen or meet the new student around the Academy?"

"What your joking aren't ya? These way too many students here to keep track of." I joked but when I looked back, her she wasn't laughing.

"You seriously haven't, has Damien? You couldn't miss him." Confused flashed over her face.

"No he would have said why? What's the big deal with him?" I asked. That was then we were interrupted with my vision. "Middy, get Dami..."


The room was full of people, all gathered around a big black grand piano with the top open. You couldn't hear the music that was being played, but the little girl playing, was smiling seeing that everyone was captured by her music. Standing at the side of the little girl a fallen angel, beamed with pride but hurt, pain and lost filled his deep green eyes. Then they changed suddenly, going surprised, shocked, happiness in a flash. The picture changed, sitting next to the little girl singing with too was Crystal...


I opened my eyes gasping for air and found myself looking at the white ceiling.

"Crystal was that a vision?" Damien he asked worried.

"Yer, it was. Well strange, think I need some air." I got up from the sofa and went to one of the glass doors and opened it. I walked over to the rail taking deep breaths. I couldn't work it out. It was the same little girl from before, same fallen angel and even the people seemed familiar. But why was I in it? Last time I wasn't there, or I wasn't meant to be there. At list, living? I sighed suddenly feeling very thirsty. Then right on queue that familiar that rich sweet pure scent came wafting towards me.

"Why are you blocking me?" He asked titling my head so he could look at my face.

"I'm not am I?" I teased I was blocking him no way was seeing this; I never showed him the other vision of the little girl.

"You can't block everything from me Crystal." Lightly he kissed my lips; my hands pulled him closer, deepening the kiss. My lips moved down his cheek bone, but stopped at his neck. "You're thirsty."

I snarled at his neck, this soo wasn't fair, he knew I wouldn't be able to resist his blood. I could feel my canines becoming more fang like, another snarl came from lips; his scent was just too much to bare. I pulled him closer licking his neck before biting it.

"Ah." Then slowing I heard something I wasn't used to hearing when I bit from him. He groaned and pulled me closer. His blood lit up my taste buds, killed the burning need. I also was making soft growling noises as I fed from him.

I pulled back licking my bite mark clean and seeing his body heal itself. "Thank you Damien."

He seemed to be thinking about something, so was I. Damien doesn't usually do that. He normally fights with the pain, even though he try's to hide it. He seemed to like it; he pulled me closer to him. I'll have to ask him about that.

We both jumped when we heard everyone shout ‘surprise' from the glass door. "We better go." I said Damien nodded still deep in thought taking my hand and leading us inside.


My scar was surprising feeling strange and it was making me wearily. I took it as a sign, feeling uneasy though out the party. My eyes kept darting around the room, looking for anything small and black that could fly in at any moment. But nothing did and everyone seemed to be ok. I couldn't let Jordan touch me; I knew her power and she didn't need to see my past. Also something else was going on in my head that couldn't work out.

Damien kept watching me when we broke to talk to other people. I couldn't stand it anymore. I crept out the room in the corridor closing the door. I fidgeting with the charm bracelet when I head the very unfamiliar voice behind me.

"Isn't it strange how such a small thing can mean a lot hmm?" I spurn round ready to shout at who ever crept up on me, but instead I looked up and down taking in his appearance.

"You're the. Student. The new one that Midnight was talking about." I gasped out.

He smiled knowingly. "Topic of conversation that is a first." Lucky for him I thought. "Tell me Crystal, gifts are not always wanted nor are they always received to the right people. Its other people who don't not wish to be gifted, find themselves gifted."

I stood there looking into his yellow eyes, there was something about him, and I just couldn't put my finger on it. I felt the great need to respect him, help him, and listen to his words.

"Gifts should be treasured; it doesn't have to be anything big or expensive." I wondered out loud. "Who are you? Hang on a minuet. How do you know my name, I never told you my name so how could you have known?"

"You could owe someone a gift, have you ever thought of that? Have you ever heard the saying, ‘not everything comes in a box'?" He added not answering my question but giving me a question, he didn't even give me time to answer.

The End

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