"I am a boy who believes that a young lady should not be treated so. Now if you would excuse me, milady." He bowed slightly with his head and he walked round as I stood rigid staring at where he stood.

No he had to have known Mazany, he did the same thing Mazany would do. Tear welled up in my eye. But I took a deep breath and put hand on the wall to steady my-self.

"Zuri, there something strange about Lapin" I said to her holding back the tears. He laughed slightly.

"I know isn't he just" I turned around and looked staight into her eyes.

"I have somethings to do" I whispered before runninh away. Still holding Jordons notes in my hand. I ran down the corridors before I came to a room that I could snese her in.

I knocked on they door. Bejeman awsnered leaning on the door frame and folding the door. "Midnight?" He stared at me shicked"why are you here" I ignored him an slipped under his arms. I looked around the room and saw Jordon looking at me warily holding her spell book on her lap.

I held up her note at her "I can I explain I" I didnt let her finnish I held my hand up as in defeat.

"I wanted to say thank you, for the note I would hug but it might cause you some distress seeing my past" I whispered She giggled and put on a jumper that covered her arms and her neck then some gloves and her held her arms open.

I walked over and sat next to her she held me close to her as the tears began  to fall down my cheeks. She rocked back and forwards while holding me.

"Erm I think I will leave you to alone" Benjeman muttered I heard a door close.

"Im glad Benjeman has you Jordan" I said after my tears stop falling and sat crossed legged facing her. He looked shocked.

"Dont look so shocked, theres nothing to me and him. I am an only child I see him as my Big Brother. He has been there for since my Mother died ten years ago. He protected me from the side lines." I smiled slightly.

"Oh Im so sorry Midnight" She said I waved my hands.

"Its fine I have earnt to accept it, she died trying to save Mazany I recept and love her. Look after My Benjy please he's alot aofter than you think it's all an act" She smiled at me.

"Im going to go visit Mazany now" I said I hoped off the bed and headed for the window, She looked at me confused. "Mr Pureblood is sitting outside I dont want him to kill me for saying he is soft" Just as I crouched on the Windowe sill Bejeman barged into the room.

"Bye now" and jumped out leaving two very confused people behind. I began to run my hair wipping behind me. I was heading for the grave yard when I spotted Lapin. I jumped in to the trees and followed him. After a while I tripped over my feet and fell out of the tree. He catched me in his arms.

"Well what a pleasent surprise Midnight" He smiled in a knowing he, Darn Im busted!

I hoped out of his arms and looked up at him I crossed my arms "Right Lapin I know that you knew Mazany they way you mood changed slightly when I say his name. The way you act is one. A lot maturer than you age and two Just the way he would treat me. Please if you know something about him I would like to know" my voice decreased near the end.

"All in good time Midnight all in good time" He said simpley walking away from me. I ran back to Mazany's Grave and sat in front of his grave stone.

"Mazany Sorry I didnt come sooner things, have been happening I dont understand. A new studant who acts like you, The pain is still strong I miss you dearly. But people seeing me is hurting them" I pulled my knees up and wrapped my arms around them. "So I will hide it again like I did when my mother died, I will do that because I love you I will protect your name and who ever questions it will be sorry they did. I attacked that Warewolf who chased into the water that fateful day. Lapin made him say sorry. Is it ok if I just lay here for a while Im tired" I lay down and close my eyes. 

After so many sleepless night I could feel my-self drifting off. I sensed some appraoch but I was too tired to care. "Soon Moon Flower you will know, you will know the truth" A voice whispered into my ear before I fell comepletly into a blissful slumber.

The End

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