This school seemed different, so much had happened here that the whole air seemed to vibrate with emotions. I hummed to myself and started walking down the corridor, something caught my eye, walking over to a window I looked outside to see a group of were wolves. This could be fun.

I moved outside and made my way over to where I had seen the group of were wolves. They turned around, some snarling, as I made my way over to them.

"Good afternoon," I smiled calmly and regarded them with open interest, "I don't believe we've had the pleasure of meeting." One of them stepped in front of the others, his voice dripping with hostility,

"What do you want?"

"I believe you said some rather hurtful things to a girl who is in mourning, I would like to ask that you apologize willingly." I smiled at them again, the were wolves stared at me shocked. The one in front of me growled and said,

"Now you listen here-"

"No, you listen." I said, making my voice cold and flat, "A fellow student has died, he died to save you miserable mutts. If he had truly been a trickster do you not think that he would have saved himself instead of allowing his own life to be taken to ensure the future of everyone here? I don't think you've quite grasped with that pea sized brain of yours that if he hadn't died then we would not be having this conversation right now. The last thing that girl needs if grief from you, to be honest I'm telling you to apologize for your own good, I would hate to see that girl get truly angry. I here vampires can kill a whole city before then can be stopped and you here are but a small coven of wolves. You following my train of thoughts dear Jasper?"

Jasper looked like a fish, his mouth couldn't decide whether to stay open or closed. I chuckled before carefully saying,

"Times have change, you do not realize how much pain that boy went through. Even when he had the choice to kill you he didn't, you don't realize that he was a better creature then you could ever be. So would you care to join me in going to visit a certain girl?" Jasper glanced down at the floor carefully, he looked back at the other guys for support but everyone seemed to have realized what had happened. I had taken Jasper's pride into question, the only honorable thing he could do was go and apologize, if not he was no better then the so called 'trickster'.

"Fine." Jasper said sourly before following me back inside the school, we walked in silence for a while before I stopped and turned towards Jasper. I tilted my head to the side and said,

"You didn't hate him, you regarded him as a threat. You actually respected the boy and were sad to find out he had died before you could get a chance to do battle with him. Not a battle of hate but a battle of being equal." Jasper snorted,

"No, why-"

"Oh cut the crap. Your group isn't around and I do not care much to reveal what you tell me." Jasper looked at me uncertainly,

"How do you know so much? You haven't even been to this school before! Who are you?" I shook my head,

"That is not the question at hand, but let's say I am someone who just knows what he needs to know. So answer the question that I asked before."

"I... didn't hate him, none of us did really but our leader... he told us that we had to keep our territory, that the fox would try to destroy this school, but he didn't, he was different then what we had been told. I wanted to fight him but he never stepped up to my challenges. I guess we should be grateful, I didn't know what he did but you make it sound like he had the whole world on his shoulders." I turned and carried on walking,

"H-Hey!" Jasper placed a hand on my shoulder,

"Aren't you going to say anything?!"

"No. The conversation has ended, in fact we never even talked about it." I turned to him, "Shall we keep going?"


"But what? Is something preying on your mind?" Jasper shook his head and followed me,

"Now I am afraid I do not know which room is hers, would you care to point it out?" Jasper pointed to one of the doors along the corridor, I walked over to it and knocked lightly before stepping back and leaning on the wall next to the door, I motioned for Jasper to stand in front of the door. He looked nervous.

A pair of footstep's could be heard approaching the door, I watched as it opened to show the Pixie and the Vampire,

"You!" The vampire hissed, the pixie stood in front of her and just glared at Jasper, she then noticed me and looked taken aback,

"Lapin?! What are you doing here?!"

"Hmm? Oh I don't think that's what's important, my friend here has something to say." Jasper glanced at me and I motioned with my hand for him to talk,

"Midnight, Zuri... I wanted to say... I'm sorry." Jasper looked at both of them nervously,

"What?" Zuri said suprised... So it was her, Zuri.

"I shouldn't have said what I did, I didn't think about what was happening. I'm very sorry."

I watched from the corner of my eye and Midnight stepped forward, Jasper flinched and looked at me again. I didn't do anything, in stead I crossed my arms and put my foot against the wall,

"Thank you Jasper. I forgive you."

"Thanks Midnight. I am sorry." Jasper said smiling, he nodded to me in silent thanks before departing. I watched as he turned the corner and then I realized that both Midnight and Zuri were standing in front of me. Oh great!

"Uh..." Was all I could say as I looked for a way to escape but they were blocking me, Midnight gave me a curious look.

"Why would you do that?" She asked me quietly,

"Do what?" I said leaning back against the wall and looking at the celling,

"Why would you help get Jasper to apologize? Why would you do that when you didn't even know Maz?" I felt my throat clench as she said his name.

"I am a boy who believes that a young lady should not be treated so. Now if you would excuse me, milady." I bowed slightly with my head and moved round Midnight who was staring at me shocked.

The End

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