Zuri hugged me

`thank you jorden` she said my body sfifened as I held my own mind trying to keep out her memory. she pulled away suddenly I breathed freely once her skin wasent on mine anymore

`sorry` we both say at the same time then laughed nervisly

`did you see` she asked silintly

`no... I pushed out the momorys... something that takes a lot out of me... I should go, goodnight... or rather good morning` I say geting up and walking across the room.

`I`ll see you... and jordan` I looked back at her my hand on the handel

`non of this is your faught trust me...`

`he was my dad` was all I could say and I turnd leaving the room I felt something trikel down my face and put a hand to my cheak then pulled it away.

Tears I smaked my self across the face muttering `stop crying` the tears stoped my cheack stung I wiped the tears away and gave a huff I went to bed.

Sleep was the only confort for me. It was my escape from realaty. I was in that fuzzy place between awake and asleep when I heard the door open and wondered who had entered my room.

I lay there a while then turnd over and blinked I looked up at the tall fiuger at the end of my bed benjermin.

`why are you in my room vampier` I jock remembering the first time we meat, he didint look amused but he smiled at me.

`hello my love... I heard you talked with Zuri about the soulmate bond`

I rubbed her eyes and sat up `yea... I talked to zuri... is that a problem` I asked as he sat on the edge of my bed

`no` he said but why whould he say something if it didint at lest pretrbe him

I wanted to hold him close and was I very groggy so I opened my arms to him.

He picked me up in his arms carrying me like he would a bride over the threshold. He kissed my neck

I smield `ummm my vampier is thusty` I tease him though I knew he was. I decided to let him drink from me I pushed my hair out of the way and tilted my chin up to exspose my neck to him.

`come on vamp get it over with and dont you dare try to make me drink that bodel thats in your pocket` I tease trying to make him say something about our firrst inconter he didint.

Instead he kissed my nack pushing me onto the bed.

His teath sank into the soft skin on my neack and I let out a gasp then shighed it felt good to have him drink from me and solowly I got more and more tyered he pulled back as my eyes flutered

`ben... sleep with me...` I ask him he was already laying on top of me.

He slide down so he lay next to me and wraped me in his arms pulling the covers over both of us. I smiled that wasent what I had meant but it would do for now. He held me close to him as we drifted to sleep.

The End

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