I guess this was life without Maz... Life didn't seem as fun anymore, everything was different without him. I sighed and turned over onto my back and stared up at the celling, I could still remember the first time we met. A conker was all it took for our friendship to start, he was cold at first but I think he was secretly happy that I didn't stereotype him.

I heard someone knock on my door, I glanced to see Jordan standing by the door and then looked back at the celling.

"Come in."

"Hey," She said, I looked at her properly this time,

"Hey" We watched each other in silence for a while before she said,

"So... I just wanted to say that if you wanted to talk about anything, or even if you wanted someone to... I dont know, hit or yell and scream at I'm here."

I looked at her blankly,

"Why would I yell and scream at you?" She shrugged at me, I motioned for her to sit on the bed next to me, swinging my legs round so that she had room.

"I don't hate you Jordan, I don't blame you. He," I paused and corrected myself, "Maz was grateful you gave him those few precious moments to be free. I don't think you know how much that meant to him, for all his life he'd been controlled... By my half sister... By Shadow." I turned round to look at her, she looked me in the eyes,

"You gave him the chance to be free Jordan, you have no idea how grateful I am that you gave that Nutbrain a chance at freedom." I smiled at her. She looked at me shocked,

"Zuri... I wish it'd worked... I wish I had been strong enough." I shook my head,

"Don't say that Jordan, all our life, me and Maz's, we have struggled to be strong enough but we learnt something important... Strength isn't something physical, it something in here." I tapped her gently on the chest,

"I guess you could say it was friendship, or hope or even love..." I trailed off, my hand dropped down.

"I think that at the end Mazany truly understood that, all through his and my life we've only had each other. It was us against the world, but then we came here, we met everyone here, we met you as well Jordan." I looked down at the floor,

"You did more for him then I ever could, you made him truly free." I sighed,

"A while ago we thought we had gotten rid of Shadow... I thought we had really gotten rid of him. But maybe Maz knew all along. Jordan you have no idea how grateful I am."

"Oh Zuri," I looked up at Jordan, "You loved him... didn't you?" I blinked. I felt myself laugh hollowly,

"I guess I did for a while... but then I saw how much he cared for Midnight and I realized that the love they shared was something Maz never felt for me. I doubt that silly fox even noticed me in that way, he saw me as a friend, a really close friend." I couldn't believe that I was telling Jordan all this, I mean I knew her but I didn't know her as well as the others, yet there was an aura about her that let me free all my doubts.

"You weren't soul mates... There is someone out there for you Zuri, someone who will complete your life."

"Soul mates?" Jordan nodded and seemed to get a far away look,

"A soul mate is a bond, a very special bond. It is when you belong with someone so deeply, so irreversibly, that nothing could tear your souls apart. You're connected in a way that no one can truly understand. This bond can go as far as to connect two people's thoughts. You could hate this person, your soul mate, to breaking point yet you would never be able to harm them. Soul mates belong together, it's like you two piece's of one puzzle... If that makes sense?"

"Do you know something Jordan?" I said softly, "You're an amazing person, Mazany and you would have been great friends. You and him seem so much alike even though you've never truly met each other before." I smiled at her and did something that normally would cause me to cringe, I hugged her.

"Thank you Jordan."

The End

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