I watched Jordan walked away almost skipping and smiled her hair flowted around her she glowed she was beautful. I looked into her mind and saw her childhood flash by I slowed down the imiges and fround her birthday had never been a good one. I saw things happening that I wish I could kill to make so it had never happened to her. It made my blood boil. I huffed and vowed this year that her birthday would not be like all the otehrs she wouldent spend it alone and feeling unloved.

I gathered the others togeather in my bed room. 

`lission guys... jorden dosent real like your her friends... she thinks everyone thinks of her as my girl or something like that... anyways I was thinking we all needed a pick me up something that could bring us just a little bit of happiness... jordens birthdays coming up... so maybe we could do a suprise birthday party not just for jorden... for all of us` 

`it sounds like a good idea to me` said midnight we all stared at her

`Jordan almost died trying to save maz... I think even she deserves a little bit of happiness...` said midnight.

`besides... maz would be all for it` she said I saw her eyes flash she looked upset but determined

`okay... yea... I think we should do it` said zuri slowly they all agreayed to do this not just for Jordan but for all of us. 

Orlando made arangmints for us to use a room, zuri decided to make decorations crystal and damian decided to find some food for the ocashion and midnight said she would find some music. I was asined to take Jordan out for supper that night something I didint relish the thought of. 

`a date...` was all I could say to this 

`arnt you two dating` asked crystal 

`not exactly... thats like asking if you and damian are dating` 

Damian gave me a look he knew that I knew what they did... hell we all knew.

`hay I dont say anything about you and crystal... your what Jordan likes to call soul-mates` 

`what` was all that zuri could say midnight was off in her own little world

`I dont know jordan talks about a soul-mate bond a lot... she tryed to exsplane it to me but I`m not shere if I could explain it to you guys` 

`a soul-mate bond when you belong with someone so deeply so erivicably that nothing could tare your souls apart. Your conected in a way that no one can understand. The soulmate bond can go as far as to conect the two people`s thoughts. You could hate your soulmate but you would never be abel to harm them. Soulmates belong togeather it`s like your two peaces of one pusel` said Zuri

I stared at her

`I talked to jorden... she was exsplaning it to me` she said 

`right` I looked at the time `bed... we should all get to bed... the sun is already up`

`I`ll take middy to bed` said Zuri as we all departed

I couldent sleep and soon I went to go see Jordan she way laying in bed I smiled looking down at her. She rould over and blinked then looked up at me. 

`why are you in my room vampire` she said jokingly 

`hello my love... I hurd you talked with Zuri about the soul-mate bond` she rubbed her eyes and sat up I sat on her bed.

`yea... I talked to zuri... is that a problem` 

`no` she opened her arms to me and I picked her up kissing her nack `

ummm my vampier is thusty` she said I smiled she pushed her hair out of the way and tilted her chin up exsposing her nack to me.

`come on vamp get it over with and dont you dare try to make me drink that bodle thats in your pocket` she said teasing me.

I kissed her nack pushing her onto the bed I sank my teath into her neck and she let out a gasp then shighed as I drank from her.

I pulled back.

She looked sleepy.

`ben... sleep with me...` I lay down next to her and pulled the covers over both of us holding her close to me as we both drifted to sleep.

The End

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