From just a single kiss on my cheek scent a warm fuzzy feeling over my body. "I have a gift for you later" Damien whispered in my ear, his warm breath on my skin. I smiled thinking about Damien giving me a gift, and then it was ruined. My eyes blurred and I was no longer standing outside with Damien at my side.


Instead I was ‘hovering' in the schools guessed room. I was able to move more freely then ever before, must be getting used to this I thought. There was a closed door a head of me, I went over to it hearing voices.

"You helped her, why Sebastian?" Lucas voice nearly shouted. "What you want out of it, I've told you to back off from her."

"Is this you specking or Corvina?" Sebastian asked.

"Sebastian sweetheart, I can speck for myself." Corvina voice was also behind the door. "I love playing with you two."

I gasped hearing the last part, Lucas and Sebastian observably didn't hear this. "You boy's look like you both need a drink." The door opened just a crack, and then with knowing really what I was doing I went and crouched by the door peering into the room. What I saw next would never leave my memory.

Corvina was lying on the bed wearing a red long dress, showing a lot of skin. Sebastian kissed her lips then his lips went down to her white neck, he opened his mouth and his teeth went into her neck. Lucas was kissing her arm, I could see his fangs creep out before he bit her wrist.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing; both of them were feeding of her at the same time. But something more seemed to be going on here...but what? Then as I looked closer at them feeding off her, I saw something. It was in her blood, slivery colour I could see it in he veins, they were drinking her blood and whatever the slivery thing was. Then she opened her eyes and winked straight at me.


When I opened my eyes again and I was outside next to Damien. I meet his gaze. "I need to see Lucas" I gasped Damien nodded in agreement. He still didn't know what made me attack him yet, in fact we hadn't spoken about it. I couldn't shake image out of my head, the fact that Sebastian was there too. Damien was specking to me, but I could only responded saying ‘hmm' or ‘yer'.

"Miss Crystal Storm Daggerson." I jumped hearing my full name shouted at me. I spurn round to the head master...well Midnight father Edward Crescent. "Here now Miss Daggerson." He snapped and walked off meaning for me to follow him. 

"I think I should go and follow him and snap him into two." Damien voice hardened, his crystal blue eyes burning with hatred. This was the last thing I needed.

Midnight stirred on Damien back, I put my hand on his shoulder stopping him from going any further with his mad plans. "Look I know this isn't easy for you but, shut up and leave me."

I could see him trying to not ague, I locked eyes with him moving his body in front of me, reaching with my other hand a touching his face.

"Go and watch over Middy, she needs you more then me." Hurt flashed in his eyes then I went to kiss him, instead I playfully missed his lips and lent back running down the corridor.

"Close the door." He ordered when I only just stepped into his office. He went to sit in his not bothering to ask me if I wanted a chair.

"So what's this about?" I finally asked when he was flipping through some old book.

"Huh." He looked up then went back to his book. "How is she?"

I was taken back for a moment, then keeping my anger out of my voice which was very hard in replied. "She? You really didn't just use the word ‘She' on your own daughter did you?" To my discussed he picked the book up in his hands, looking even intently at it.

"Slip of the tongue, Black blood, Opus! See what I mean." He chuckled now my anger was flared, pour fury burned around me. "Waiting here. She ok?"

Oooo that did it. I pretty much leapt over his desk snatching the book and throwing out the window-that was now broken. He shot up in his sit, stunned at what I did.

"What do you think you are doing?!" He shouted.

"Me? Take a look at yourself. How dare you say that...? ‘She ok?' What do you think; she has just lost something so close to her. She loved him he was her everything. You don't know how much they have been through!" I shouted all of this, not caring if anyone heard us.

"It's the way it has to be, she has to be strong." He replied.

"How how I really don't know how you can say this. How do you think she is? You seen her at the funeral, did you pay any attention."

"Of course, but she got other things to worry about now-

"You're her FATHER for god sake! For what's its worth, I think you should take Midnight mother place. From what I've heard Elizabeth was both and mother and a father to Midnight." He flinched when I mentioned his wife name. "Is Midnight even a daughter to you? Or does she just come in handy, like when she older, given her powers?"

I walked over to the door. "Did you hear about your own father Crystal? Your human father?"

This stopped me in my tracks; I turned back round eyeing him carefully. "Why are you bring my family into this, it's you own you should be worried about?"

"O'you don't do you, well maybe then you will lecture me on ‘good parenting'."

I wanted slap that smug smile, but I couldn't-physically at list. "Midnight has watched Mazany die twice, the one that she loved the moment she meet him."

"Midnight watched her mother get killed right before her very eyes when she was only 6 years old. Tell me where you? Me and Midnight have a few things in common; both of our mothers are dead." Then my voice turning deadly I added. "And our fathers never really wanted us. You see Elizabeth in Midnight, you hate it. Just like my father."

"Far as I'm concerned, she watched her father love dying in front of her all her life."

Then I left him standing there stunned, as I walked out of the office. I couldn't face anybody now; instead I walk around the school. Other students whispering when they saw me, Jason and his friends were stood together laughing over something that had happened in class.

I didn't know how I managed to get here; maybe I was just drawn to it now. I found myself in the rose garden. I picked one of the roses, bright pink it was. The smell was beautiful like nothing I ever smelt before and idea came to my head then looking at the roses.

"Hey Maz, I hope you don't this is too girly or anything." I said as I placed the yellow and orange roses by his head stone. "Tuff if it is though." I smiled to myself sitting down on the grass.

"I was thinking, I still owe you for helping with Corvina that time, whatever was in the purple bottle, you remember. You save me that day. I only wish I could of save you now."       


The End

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