The beginning of the week was heart breaking and miserable, but it was slowly getting better. Midnight talked a little more not much but a little. Zuri was coping slightly better. I was glad the had each other both knew the pain of losing Mazany. Midnight could not bring her self to say his name. She would sit there staring into space. Nothing mattered to her any more. She had lost her meaning.

But all that mattered to me was my little beauty that lay curled up in my chest wearing my shirt. I smiled at the memory of last night. Life was perfect here and now nothing could get any worse. Crystal I can admit it now I loved her with all my heart. I would do anything for her she made me feel whole full of joy.

She stirred in her sleep she woke up she smiled wearily at me as I brushed her hair off her face. “Good morning sleeping beauty” I chimed she rolled her eyes and laughed at me.

“We should get up soon” She yawned but didn't make an effort to leave I chuckled and pulled her closer.

“We should... but who said we had too” I asked, she giggled. But then there was a knock at the door. I slip into some pants answer there at the door. Was a blushing Midnight who looked at the floor. I smiled at least she still had some reactions.

In her hand she held a Violin case I grinned and picked her up in my arms twilled her into my room “Awww Midnight your playing again Im so so so proud of you chimed” I felt Crystals hand on my shoulder.

“Put the girl down you might giver her a heart attack” She giggled I looked at Midnight her eyes were wide. With shock and dizziness I smiled and placed her down.

“sorry I didn't know I was disturbing you” She whispered We were both shocked she spoke “I'm going to Visit Mazany if you care to join me” My heart sank for her she was talking like he was a live like she did with her mother. We nodded.

We got ready as quick as positionable. “So Middy do you want a piggy back” I said play fully normally she would be jumping say yes please. She just simply nodded. I pulled her on my back. I loced my finger threw Crystals hands.

We all walked out side “Well at least she didn't attack a mutt this time” I said smiling slightly at midnight she was resting her head on my shoulder. She looked she was dozed off.

“She's still fragile, poor thing I know Midnight enough to know she didn't ask us to go for company” I looked t her confused. So she carried on “Since I have known Midnight When thing went wrong she would not sleep well unless someone was with her” I sighed understanding for once when Midnight was little and when her Mother died. It was a week before my family was slaughtered she wold sneek in my bed I guessed it was her was of saying she felt safe near me.

“No she doesn't change does she” I looked up to the sky “She is strong though and powerful she saved us all but killed her dreams in the process” I squeezed Crystals hand.

I kissed her cheek “I have a gift for you later” I whispered into her ear, her face lit up with excitement. But she stopped dead still, her eyes glazed over. After a while she came wound. And looked up to me.

“I need to see Lucas” she gasped I nodded as we headed back to the school.

The End

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