I closed the door behind me and chucked the envelope with  my timetable in on the bed. I breathed in the scent of the room, walking over to the window I pulled the curtains apart to allow the sunlight to stream through. I saw the two girls I had met earlier walk up the path,

"Zuri Brooks and Midnight Cresent... Well this seems to be an interesting predicament. I wonder what will happen next." I moved away from the window and back to the door, I stepped out and started moving down the corridor. I stopped and without turning around said,

"Is there something wrong... headmaster?" For a while Edward didn't respond,

"What are you doing here?" I felt a smile tug at the corner of my lip, I turned around with a look of confusion painted on my face,

"Why, what ever do you mean sir?" Edward frowned at me,

"You can't leave that place, what happens if that... thing... get's free. We've had enough problems with that boy who had Shadow in him." I felt my face go blank and a warning tone crept into my voice,

"A boy who died slipping deeper into the shadow. The shadow that ripped his mind and yet he kept more kindness then you. I sense that woman all around, what have you done Edward, you could have caused the end of this whole school. A magic that was banished by our kind for a reason, do you go against the ones who control the sight and sound now?" I said the last bit neutrally. A flicker of uncertainty ran across Edward's face.

"Why are you here?" He snapped,

"Why am I not here? Why are we were we are?" I paused and said, "I believe our discussion has ended... sir." I pulled at one of my purple bits and regarded the headmaster calmly,

"This is a dangerous game you're playing, Al-" He was cut off as I slammed him against the wall,

"Do not utter that name if you wish for us to not push this case futher. Night and Day, two different things, yet both the same. Press them closer and this world would end, do not worry, I will not meddle deeper then is needed but for now I am not here... you do NOT know me. Sir." Edward hissed at me, I just laughed,

"You cannot harm me dear Edward, remember we watch closely. We are not as blissfully unaware as you think. We know what you have done, do you not know the trouble we went through to get rid of her the first time?" I paused, and let him go, I clenched my fist, "How many losses we had! And yet you bring her back, we shall not release you from this mess but one of use must record what happens here... and undo that which should never have happened." Edward looked at me angrily,

"How?! After all that was done to me! How can you cope with undoing it all?!" I shook my head and said,

"I am a student, remember that Edward. Here you do not know me... in fact you never have known me. We have never truly met before yet I am sure one has told you about me. So I'm sure you know how dangerous I can be, and what I can do." I stopped and took a step back smiling,

"I'm glad to be attending your school," I brought a hint of warning into my voice, "Headmaster."

With that I left him.


"Hmm, Dr. St. Charels, The Bodies of Spells." The girl dropped the book in surprise and the High Blood Vampire looked at me in confusion.

"When did you get here?!" The girl yelped in surprise,

"I didn't see you come in..." The vampire said in suspicion. I noted with amusement how he put himself futher between me and the girl. I crouched down and picked up the book gently, I began to flick through the pages,

"We should have it marked as black magic though there is none to speak of it as dangerous and life threatening spell to caster, host body and spirit." I smiled at the book and closed it gently.

"Witch Jorden Scare and High Blood Benjeman, am I right?" They glanced at each other before they nodded,

"Why do a spell for one you never truly knew? One who you have seen only darkness with before?" I asked Jorden curiously,

"Why risk your life spirit for a simple demon who contained the greatest evil?"

"He wasn't evil! What do you know about Maz?" Jorden said coldly,

"What do you know about him?" I countered.

"He's... was a friend, a creature who was in pain the whole of his life. We help our friends." I looked at Benjeman,

"Odd words from a High Blood, you do not normally concern yourselves with people below you yet you seem to care, more then you'd like to admit, about those in this school."

"Who are you?" Jorden said quietly,

"Me? I'm Lapin, nice to meet you." With that I walked past them and out of the room. I put the book down on the desk before leaving the room.

A smile was on my lips as I walked back to my room. He was a friend... We help our friends. He wasn't evil. I had all I needed from them. They would do well in life, and someday her spirit would heal. 

The End

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