(Many thanks to Almach. This was excellent with only a few tweaks. You captured my writing style very well I thought. Especially the sarcasm hehe).

Everything was dull these days, the colour had gone out of my world, even my connection to Nature seemed something dull and faint. Everything had stopped being important when Maz had died, he had come back and once again I sat there waiting to see him come through the door laughing with Midnight... but he never did. I didn't come out of my room for a while, my best friend was gone and it struck me that he was my only true friend, sure I was friends with Midnight but she was broken as well. I knew the others, I got along with them but it wasn't the same relationship I had with Maz. I'd known him for ten years or more! I felt the tears come again and collapsed on the bed, I should have saved him! I'd done it before with the Soul Feeder and Ice... why hadn't I done it this time? Someone knocked on my door and I blinked away the tears as Damien stood awkwardly in the doorway,

"You OK?" I had to bite my tongue to stop myself from saying, Yeah, I'm fine, I mean it was only my best and truest friend in the world who had died.

Instead I just nodded, I remembered too late that he could read my mind.

"I'm sorry... I didn't mean for you to hear that..." My throat felt dry, making my voice weak.

"It's fine. I shouldn't have asked such an obvious question." He paused for a second and looked away from me, "The funeral's been planned, it's in three days time... I don't know how to tell Midnight. You are... were the closest person to Maz." I felt myself flinch inwardly at 'were'. I just nodded.

"I'll go and get her ready," I said. Damien nodded and left. I walked over to where Midnight was, pausing once to stare at myself in the mirror. My hair was almost dull looking and my wings were droopy, the sparkle was gone from my eyes and my skin was pasty. I shook my head sadly (that reflection was too familiar), I moved over to where Midnight was still sitting when I had last seen her, I pulled her up gently. I took her to her room and went to run a bath for her, I didn't say anything. Seeing Midnight was painful, she reminded me of Maz, I left her after that. The woods called me and I walked aimlessly through them, at some point I must have collapsed because the next thing I could remember was waking up on the woodland floor.

I went back to the school and got ready for the funeral, it had begun to rain half way through, that was the only thing I could really remember. All through the ceremony my mind was flickering through memories of Maz, of his laughing face, his soft fur, his voice.

Soon it was just me and Midnight, I didn't comfort her for I knew she didn't want it, I stood beside her, neither of us could leave him. I felt someone watching us but didn't look up, humming reached my ears and that's when both me and Midnight looked up, I didn't see the figure straight away but he began to walk towards us. I stepped in front of Midnight, this was the last thing I could do for Maz, I would protect Midnight.

Something seemed almost familiar about the strange boy who had two odd, long, purple, almost ear things and blue dragon wings. He had yellow eyes that glowed slightly when the light caught them. I pushed at him gently with a wave of heat, trying to make him stop but he just smiled at me, un-fazed, and carried on walking.

He pointed up at the clouds and said, "Lovely day isn't it? Why not stay around and see Nature at it's best?"

I froze, it was like he knew me. Knew my connection to Nature. He carried on walking, I couldn't move: I was too shocked.

"Wa-Wait!" Midnight blurted out suddenly. I turned around and saw him cocking his head to the side smiling, "Who are you?" Midnight asked. What are you? I thought to myself.

"I am a being," I blinked surprised, Midnight shook her head and asked again. He seemed to be confused by what she was asking him.

"I am a student," he tried again. I felt my irritation rise as Midnight shook her head again.

I stepped forward and snapped, "She means your name!"

"A name Hmm? I have a name, don't I?" He seemed deep in thought, he was more confusing then Maz was when he was in one of his difficult moods. Not making sense, yet making sense at the same time. Nutbrain. I thought sadly, I felt a lump form in my throat.

"Oh, I said that out loud. How strange of me... A name you ask?" He said, I nodded, trying to swallow the lump. This boy, who ever he was, seemed to be new at the concept of answering questions. He turned around and walked away.

"Hey hold it!" I stopped him by putting my hand on his shoulder, his wing brushed my hand slightly and I had the strangest sensation.

"Name, right?"He asked me; I gave him a look that said, No duh!

"My name is... Well what do you think?" he asked us. How do we know?! That's why we're asking you! I felt myself getting tetchy.

"You look like a rabbit." Midnight said, slowly. I had to admit the ears did make him look like a rabbit, and he seemed to have that almost... cute look of a rabbit in his eyes.

"A rabbit?!" He looked shocked, and slightly offended.

"A rabbit, huh?" He said. This time I nodded and knew Midnight was too.

"Yeah, I mean you have those long ear things coming from your head; like rabbit ears," I said, voicing my thoughts. He definitely looked offended now.

"They're not ears." He exclaimed I gave him another look.

"What are they then?" Midnight asked curious.

"They're... trailing bits" He replied lamely, I rolled my eyes. He began to fiddle with them self consciously.

"We still don't now your name." Midnight stated once again.

"I'm Lapin," He said turning back round to carry on walking, I frowned.

"That just means rabbit in French!" I yelled in exasperation. He turned round walking backwards and smiled knowingly.

"Oh really? I had no idea, what a coincidence." Then he turned and carried on walking.

I heard Midnight walk back to the grave and sit down. I followed, glancing one last time at the boy who called himself Lapin

“Zuri?” She whispered.

“Yes Midnight?” I asked sitting next to her, I took her hand in mine, wishing I could give her some of my strength.

“Do you think He will let me visit him here” She asked hopefully. I felt tears form in my eyes.

I hugged her tight, I couldn't stop the tears and began to sob. I replied,

"Of course Midnight. Of course." And then the world didn't seem so dull.

The End

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