I stude with the others at mazanys furel wondering why I was there for the umpenth time sice I had come to night world acatamy. Why was I there how must the others see me what was I just benjermens.

benjermens what exsactly not like a lot of people knew about the soulmate bond but what did people think I was... when had I started caring what people though anyways.

Then there was the funrel. why I was at the funrel was for moral sapost so benjermen had said... but really why was I there... I was barly conceted to mazany. I had meat him... or rather his body... few times when my father or rather the darkend soul of my father had come to be came to see me, try to make me curupet and evil like him... my soul was not so esaly tanted. I remember few times when shadow had come in mazanys body to tell me I was a little bitch who couldent save anyone for anything. It was only now that I started to belive it might actuly be some what true.

I shighed and looked down at myself tipicil witch what you would exspect of a girl of my age who was a witch to be whereing. My dress was flowing it ended at my knees in a jaged cute, the sleaves over long and pointed at the end. It was intierly black and made me feel like someone who was sapost to be in morning. Witch I had to edmit was true but I felt an outcast not belonging. The only way I belonged with these people was through benjermen.

I was still in exscrusheating pain and the drisel of the day wasent helping any eather I wish it would stop but it seamed the weather wanted to falowed the mode of everyone.

I started to chough not that anyone noticed my flu like simptions they were all to busey with mazanys death.

Not that it didint upset me infact I was set on finding the cause of why my spell had gone wrong. I felt like it had been intierly my faught and I had even asked midnight if she blamed me told her I wouldent hold it agest her if she did. Not that she spock to anyone before today and even then benjermen... I didint like to think about that though... benjermen my soulmate with midnight who I knew he loved. It still made me feel aquered in her presintce because the love that benjermen felt I felt and it tore me apart in side... not that the goddess hadent done a smack dab grand job of that already.

After a few people had said a few words about mazany I wanted to say something but didint because I was scared that someone whould start yelling at me about how I didint know him and had no right. Mostly midnight I didint want to edmit it but the only person who had scared me in a long time was midnight and it wasent becase she was a vampier I had delt with all to many vampiers in my time to have one stick out there fangs and scare me but midnight was tuché and emotional and I didnt like it. It made me feel like she would lash out at any second like a bomb waiting to go off or something. Anyways after everyone said something about him then I finaly gave in I leaned on benjermen and wispered that I would like to go to the library now if it was alright for us to leave. I had only ever been to one funrel in my life... my mothers and that was a congragation of hundres where I had to sit around and hear everyones storys about my mother when I had knowen her how dare they tell me about someone I knew someone who was my best friend.

I felt for midnight. No one could know what someone else went thought but you could always have an simmiler exspirince and simpathise. Not one of my strong sutes.

Once the funrel was over we headed back to the school. I told the others I would rather be alone in the library somewhere I was always garentied to be if I wasent somewhere else.

Once when I was a little girl I sent meny hours in the family library at our house, I always had to keep the books in perfict order and I even sined them out just so I had something to do. I was told sevrel times that I should be a librarian. I didint like people interupring my peace and quight. I didint want anyone to put the books back on the selves exsept me because I had an idedic memory or if you prefer a photographic memory I knew where everything was and should be. Everything had a place and everything was in it`s place. Yup I was a libraian one of those people who is cursed to love order and selection, and books, I doubted I could ever leave the library it was just somewhere I belonged.

Once I was at school I found that once again the library was my refuge, my santuary and my safehold, and often in the erly hours of the morning benjermen whould have to take me to bed. He would have to lay me down to sleep and I would mutter slippay for him not to leave me...

the last thing I always hurd before I feel asleep these days was "I love you jorden scare" I wasent shere if benjermen was the one wispeing this to me or if it was just a reverbaration of a memory from my mother. The last thing she said before she had died at the hands of a vampier.

I had a bad history with vampiers which made it funny that my soulmate was one, to think the creature I had vaowed to eternaly hate forever and one was my soulmate... how it did make me laugh in the privite hourse of the late evening when I though about my life and where it was headed in the sacutary and sacuraty of the library.

That left the matter at hand... why had the spell not worked... why after all my resherch had it failed I could only wonder. But then I stumbeled across three good resorces on the spell of life. That proved to be vary intresting.

the hoste body has to be tied to the spirit, in some sort of conection, this is how spirtis of the decict can remane with there friends and relitives for long piriods of time after they die with out becomeing a poltergist or gost as the spirt of the dececed is tyed to the host.

  • J. R. Stine... spirets and spells... chapter 1 the spell of life

The spell of life has yelded resolts that varry. In worst case sonariose the host body will start to die from the inside out and the sole will die with it, fleting fast and with little to no pain to the spirt it self.

  • james parker... spells inside and out... chapter 13 spell of life

in acusition to the spell of life I have found the pashents who are not spiritly conected to our beloved goddess die with in hours if not moments from when they are placed in the body. I have hurd from serviving spell casters though there are not many who say that they obsorbed the spirt and then poduced the spell and thuse the spirt was riped out of them thuse why there are few servivers. They say that there was an almost sowen quilaty of work and that the stiching of the magic depending on the casters abilatys came apart with in moments to days after the procedure it would seam this is an unfit spell and we should have it marked as black magic though there is non to speack of it is a dangres and life thretening sepll to caster, host body and spirt.

  • Dr. st. Charels... the bodys of spells... chapter 7 life and death with out the goddess

The End

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