I had stayed stilling in my room for a while Now. I think it was Three days ago Zuri escorted me to my room. I didn't respond much. She ran me a bath. And she let me at he my-self but not matter how much I scrubbed my skin. I could still feel his blood on my hands. Once I got dressed. I walked out of my room. I left my hair wavy covering my face.


I went straight to Mazany's room I opened one of his draws and picked up on his shirts. I Curled in the middle of his bed snuggling close to it breathing in his scent. People had come in and sat with me trying to talk to me but I would ignore them and they were gone.


I was Three days Later and on time Benjeman came through the door “Midnight have you fed since 5 days ago” His voice boomed. I could feel the burning in my throat but Ignore it. He held my face in his hands. My eyes were burning with first.


He sighed “Fine then Ill make you feed” I said softly. He took his nail and cut his neck. He placed my mouth over the wound. My tongue instantly started licking up the blood. Until I couldn't help it any more and sunk my teeth into his neck. I held on to him. Tight. Once I was done. He sat me on his lap.


He brushed my hair while humming to me, “Still not talking then” He asked my I stared ahead. It didn't feel right to talk, smile laugh or live. Nothing felt right any more. “Mazany's Funeral is soon I you a nice dress” I winced slightly at His name.


“Midnight Please talk to me I will do anything to hear your voice again” He begged me. I nodded.


I took a breathe “Are you Thirsty now that I drank from you ?” I whispered My voice sounded groggy for not talking. Benjeman picked me up and spinning me around. And sat down again. I offered him neck by simply moving my hair of they way and exposed my neck to him.


It felt nice when his fangs pierced my skin, it helped me feel alive. The sound of him purring when my blood reached his lips. I liked the feeling of being connected. He was draining some of my sorrow out of my blood into him.


I got dressed in the clothed he brought me. It was a pale blue dress that came to my knees and came out Of the top was black lace. I had little lacy gloves to match. I put on my chocker with my family symbol on.


I walked out of His room to Find Benjeman leaning against the wall waiting for me. He smiled at me and took my hand. We walked down to the reception of the school Zuri, Crystal and Damien was waiting there. The all smiled at me but I couldn't Bring my-self to say anything.


We walked out side and a group of ware wolves past us I heard a snippet of the conversation.

“I heard that Trickster died, the fir fox that would follow the Prefect Around” One laughed.


“Yeah he got we head deserved” Laughed Jasper.


The Anger built inside of me, my house swirling round me. I screamed I sent a wave of energy out that pinned them against a wall. I Marched right up to them my hair flying around me. Eyes glowing red.


“He died to Protect you Stupid Muts” I screamed in there face


Jasper laughed slightly “Did the vamp crush on him” They laughed more. I hissed at them.

I grabbed him by the neck above me then slammed him down on the floor. He cried out in pain. I jumped on top him and began punch him hard. “You know Nothing He's gone. HE'S GONE” I screamed “I HATE YOU” I screamed. I felt someone pry me off him.


I looked up to see Benjeman holding me up so he could look at me “Now Midnight its not nice to attack the Dogs, you might get blood on your dress” I said calmly.


One of the Werewolves growled at us. Benjeman's head snapped round and glared at them. They fell on the floor yelping in pain. The he put me over his shoulder. And turned to others as I just hung there staying quiet as walked out of the school.


“I cant believe Midnight reacted that way, it was so strange she wasn't responding to any of us then she just snapped and attacked him. Maybe she getting better she's showing some sign of normalisability” Crystal asked.


“No that's not Like Midnight, she wouldn't attack any one she's like her Mother would do anything to help” Damien said gravely.


I was glad Farther allowed him to buried near Mother that meat I could come see them both. We all stood round the graved as his Coffin was lowered. I stood there staring down. I want listening anything any one was saying. Just thinking about My Fire fox.


The first time we met when I was little, he refused to be my friend, I promised to be his reason to live as he wanted to die. He came back to me running away from Werewolves, nearly drowned in th water he wasn't strong enough. The day he became my Guardian.


The Grief over took me and I fell to my knees at the foot of the grave. I hardly noticed Zuir and Crystal at my side, everything seemed distant I didn't want this to be real. I was hoping he would come back. Now he never will come back.


I felt I had to say something, but nothing would come out, the only this I could say was the poem that had been swirling round my mind for days


"I listen to breeze rustle the leaves

I listen to the birds chirping

And I remember your sweet melody

the one that would send me asleep


I remember your sweet smile

The one that now makes cry

as sit here and wonder why

you said your eternal Good bye


Now the days go bye                            

and carry's life's go on

and I sit here and wonder why

it feels like such a crime

I will always remember you my love

of the time we shared

You were my everything

I will carry, Just for you


Where ever you are

Remember me, for who I am

My love for you, everything I do

this is my elemental Good bye...

my voice grew stronger towards the end, My voice was laced with Pain and despair. Tears running freely down my face as rain continued to batter the ground in rage. The sky wascrying for him, I guess our moods did effect the weather.

I felt a hand go on my should trying to comfort me, nothing could only voice of my dearly departed. “Were going inside now Middy join us when you want too. I should have said “Thanks Damien” Or “I will join you soon” But I couldn't make the words come out. The y would get stuck in my throat.

They went inside apart From Zuri she stood by my side as we both could not leave him. I heard humming coming from in the trees. My head shot up and saw the most strangest looking Boy in all my life. A boy with Glowing yellow eyes, blue hair with two purple trailing it looked like ears that travel to his waist. Short mop hair, dragon wings, medium height. He was sat on the floor holding his umbrella.

When he caught my gaze he stood up, he closed his Umbrella began twirling it making his was towards us. Zuri jumped in front of me in a protective stance. He simply smiled at her.

"Lovely day isn't it? Why not stay around you may see Nature at it's best." He stated calmly Zuri took a step back clearing shocked. He had a deep voice that was calming and wise. He walked past us twirling his umbrella.


I stood up “W-Wait” I blurted out before I could control what I was saying, He tunred around on cocked his head to the side. “Who are you” I asked, He smiled at me

"I am a being.” He said smoothly I shook my head and asked again. He frowned at me.

"I am a student.” He seemed confused my by my question and I was confused my his answers.

Zuri stepped in front of me again "She means your name." Zuri said she seemed slight agitated by his answers.

"A name Hmm? I have a name don't I?" He seemed deep in thought Now I was lost he made now sense. But in a way it did make sense

"Oh I said that out loud. How strange of me... A name you ask?" He said Zuri nodded. This Boy who ever he was intrigued me. He turned around and walked away.

"Hey hold it!" Zuri stopped him by putting her hand on his sholder

"Name, right?"He asked Zuir while I gazed back at His Graze I wanted go back and sit with him.

"My name is... Well what do you think?" he asked us,

I looked over him"You look like a rabbit." I said slowly.

"A rabbit?!" He looked shocked, I nodded

"A rabbit huh?" He said this time we both nodded

"Yeah, I mean you have those long ear thing coming from your head, like rabbit ears."Zuir said, He looked offended

"They're not ears." He exclaimed The Zuri looked at him.

"What are they then?" I asked curious.

"They're... trailing bits" Ihe replied . He began to fiddle with them self consciously.

"We still don't now your name." I asked him again.

"I'm Lapin," He stated turning back round to carry on walking,

"That just mean rabbit in French!" Zuri yelled after him, I turned round walking backwards, I smiled knowingly

"Oh really? I had no idea, what a coincidence." Then he turned and carried on walking,

I walked Back to the grave and sat beside him. “Zuri” I whispered.

“Yes Midnight?” She asked sitting next to me holding my hand.

“Do you think He will let me visit him here” I asked hoping her would.

She hugged me close and began to sob”Of course Midnight OF course”

The End

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