The rain came down washing away the blood on our hands, but it never washed away the memory of Mazany death. Having to see his poor bloody body in theory and in real life, I just couldn't shake the image away from my eyes. Middy was a mess she wouldn't move, just stood there looking down at Mazany grave stone. Midnight Father said some words but barley anyone was listening to him, Middy certainly wasn't listening. I felt guilty like I should have noticed something wasn't right, I should got there sooner. Damien wouldn't let go of me our hands laced together like chains, nothing would break us.

Suddenly with out warning, Middy fell to the ground kneeing at the foot of Mazany greave stone. Me and Zuri rushed to her side holding her arms, but she was strong. Then for the first time in ages she spoke, her voice was full of pain but was steady and grow in volume.

"I listen to breeze rustle the leaves

I listen to the birds chirping

And I remember your sweet melody

the one that would send me asleep


I remember your sweet smile

The one that now makes cry

as sit here and wonder why

you said your eternal Good bye


Now the days go bye                            

and carry's life's go on

and I sit here and wonder why

it feels like such a crime

I will always remember you my love

of the time we shared

You were my everything

I will carry, Just for you


Where ever you are

Remember me, for who I am

My love for you, everything I do

this is my elemental Good bye..."

Nobody said anything we didn't know what to do; I felt Damien arms around my body pulling me up from the wet grass. Benjamin said a few words about Mazany and so did Orlando, and then it was over. Jordan spoke to Benjamin in a quite voice, she was still weak and this weather wasn't helping her, everyone wanted to get out of the rain that was coming more and more heavy.

Damien went over to Middy; I could feel his tension it rolled off him in big waves. He didn't know what to do either; he just touched her shoulder in comfort and small jester. Zuri stood up not caring about the mud on her knees, she looked lost her eyes red ringed with tears. I went and hugged her letting her know that I was there for her. This wasn't any easy for her, she knew Maz well-all his life. Everything that they have been through, it didn't seem fair. There had to be a way, something anything.

"I don't want to lie to you, so I'm not going to say that everything going to be ok." I whispered in her ear. "But I will say this; I'm here for you everyone is. You can get through this Zuri; Mazany would want you to be strong Midnight too."

I pulled away unsure if she heard me or not. Damien took my hand and we left them unable to do anymore. He started to pull me towards the school building, I griped his hand stop.

"No." Confused and not wanting to let me go, he followed me in the rain that was coming down in bucket full's. Then we came across a small area that was closed off by a black flower gate. I went over to it festinated that I never noticed it before.

"Hey what's that?" Speaking for the first time on our own.

"Erm I don't actually know." Damien shrugged. I didn't like his expression it was too sad and worried.

His hair was still light blonde in some places, but they might go black again. I couldn't let that happen; right there and then I made an oath to myself blocking Damien out. I stretched my hand up to his glum face looking in to sad crystal blue eyes.

 Angelo, your eyes will be jade green again and shine lighting up the darkness that they hold. Your light blonde hair will cover the midnight black hair, like a full moon awakening the night sky. Your wings will open wide and each feather will glisten, like snowflakes and be as soft as velvet.

I make this oath to you, that I will make sure you become the Angel that you deserved to be. You are my Angel no matter what you look like, because to me, you are the reason that I am still here. I will not stop breathing until my task is done. To I have fulfilled my Oath to you, my Angelo...

Something magical happened then, my hand that was touching Damien face felt hot under his cold skin. The hot flues ran down my arm and followed around my body, Damien could feel it too. Then it stop making us both caught our breath and then the black flowered gate opened.

Slowly we walked side by side together, it was a flower garden hidden away. The only flowers that grow in the garden were roses, of every colour in the rainbow.

"It's amazing; it's got to be magical enchantment that makes them this colourful." I was stunned by there beauty, rain drops were on the petals of the flowers. "Beautiful." 

"Yes you are a beautiful flower, which blooms in my heart every day, Crystal." Damien voice was soft and brought a tear to my eyes, which he caught, and then he put his finger to his mouth. The rain was still pouring down, but that didn't matter.

Our eyes were locked, and then Damien took his blazer off chucking it on the ground. Something burned in his eyes, something that I never saw before but wanted to touch it. He started to undo his buttons; I took my blazer off not caring. My heart fluttered as he took his shirt off, his chest was healed no scars lingered on his impressive muscles.

The rain fell from his black hair, falling onto his light blond tips, then down his smooth face that burned with hunger and passion. Then down the panels of his chest, unable to hold back my own burning longing for him I grabbed him. His wings opening up and lifting us high, we kissed each other softly. Damien took us to his open window leaving our clothes, leaving everything really.

Damien throws me onto his bed I took my shirt off.

"Leave the light." I told Damien then his body was on my mine, his arm moved my leg up feeling my soft skin. He let me take his belt off, then I felt my white laced bar come off.

I gasped but that didn't stop us taking more off. The kisses deepened I could feel Damien mind for the first time, it wasn't filled with heartache or pain. I opened my midnight blue eyes and saw him looking at me in amazement. I wasn't thistly I didn't want to bite him, and he knew it. The connection between was so strong, I never wanted to leave it.        








The End

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