Rain fell down slowly to start with, then getting harder and harder. I watched in mild interest as the rain created different colour dots on the concrete which gradually joined together to make the ground a whole new shade. I huffed and moved the umbrella I was holding to the other hand, glancing left, right then left again I took off at a steady jog along the deserted road. Soon I found myself humming a tune as I ran along, I soon came to my destination and I slowed down. I moved into the forest surrounding the grounds.

Weaving in between the trees I came to the spot where I could watch the procession that stood gathered below. I smiled to myself and sat down on the ground, ignoring the rain water that soaked through the material of my trousers, I tucked my wings behind me then slapped my head. I could have just flown here!

Turning my attention to the people who stood in front of a headstone, I saw around nine people in total. One of whom looked like the headmaster of the school. Everyone was paired off into couples apart from three, a girl with dark blue hair who knelt in front of the grave (Vampire from the looks of it), the headmaster who stood to one side (another Vampire) and a girl with indigo wings, I smiled as I saw her (Pixie of course).

One of the girls who was coupled off said something, the man next to her, who had blond hair, nodded in agreement looking up at the clouds that had just began to let loose. I watched as they left along with a girl with short red hair who was supported by a High Pureblood Vampire. The last couple hesitated, the boy with black wings walking over to the girl kneeling. He pressed a hand on her shoulder but she didn't react, the girl he was with went over to the Pixie and hugged her. The Pixie didn't say anything either instead carried on looking at the grave.

They left with the Headmaster close behind, all that was left were the two girls. I began humming to myself again, pulling gently on one of the purple trails that ran from my head. I must look odd, I chuckled and carried on humming, watching the two girls with interest. I made sure not to hum too loud but the girl kneeling snapped her head up and looked straight at me, I meant her eyes and then got up slowly. I closed the umbrella spinning it gently in my hand, I was still humming to myself as I walked over to the girls.

The Pixie stepped in front of the other girl, glaring at me. I just smiled calmly and pointed up at the sky,

"Lovely day isn't it? Why not stay around you may see Nature at it's best." The Pixie took a step back shocked. I moved past her and began to move towards the school, still spinning the umbrella,

"W- Wait." I voice said brokenly behind me, I stopped and turned round. I cocked my head to the side and looked at the Vampire girl that had spoken,

"Who are you?" I smiled and said,

"I am a being." She shook her head and repeated the question, I frowned and then said,

"I am a student." The girl shook her head again, this time the Pixie stepped forward and said,

"She means your name." I tilted my head the other way and regarded them both with yellow eyes,

"Name?" They nodded and I put my umbrella over my shoulders,

"A name Hmm? I have a name don't I?" They both gave me a confused look and I stopped in mid puzzlement.

"Oh I said that out loud. How strange of me... A name you ask?" The Pixie nodded while the vampire gave me a curious look.

I turned round and began to walk away, I heard footsteps behind me and smiled to myself.

"Hey hold it!" A hand rested on my shoulder and I glanced over to see the Pixie giving me a serious look,

"Name, right?" The Pixie nodded while the vampire looked back at the grave.

"My name is... Well what do you think?" I asked them,

"You look like a rabbit." I looked at the Vampire girl shocked,

"A rabbit?!" She nodded,

"A rabbit huh?" She nodded again, this time the Pixie nodded too,

"Yeah, I mean you have those long ear thing coming from your head, like rabbit ears." I put on an offended face,

"They're not ears." The Pixie looked at me, I could see the pain hovering behind her eyes... the grief.

"What are they then?"

"They're... trailing bits" I replied lamely. I began to fiddle with them self consciously.

"We still don't now your name." An idea came into my head,

"I'm Lapin," I stated turning back round to carry on walking,

"That just mean rabbit in French!" The Pixie yelled after me, I turned round walking backwards, I smiled knowingly,

"Oh really? I had no idea, what a coincidence." Then I turned and carried on walking, I knew they would follow in their own time. Once they had said their last good byes.

I began to hum to myself again, singing quietly,

"Silently waiting, they wait in the mist. Silently waiting, they welcome someone new. Who is joining them, who wants to wait. Who can stay, who can stay in that mist. Silent waiting, he shall wait with them. Until the sky breaks, who shall come. Shall he remember the memory of life. Can he remember the flower that will bloom."

I stopped as I stepped through the door and made my way towards the reception, looking for the room in which I would stay for the time being.

The End

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