I have known Midnight since she was a child, I have never seen her so down. It was like her life had been sucked out of her. The spark had gone out, she was totally iin love with Mazany. Now he was gone, I didnt know how anyone would cope. We knew him a little But Zuri Midnight and Mazany had history.

I was cleaning up the blood from his bedroom, it kept playing on my mind, if Crystal vision came true what others might come true. I shook my head, I trusted her with all my heart. I know she wouldnt lie to me.

The door swung open to reveal a worried Crystal "Midnight is a compete mess she wont talk, nor will she respond any one. Benjeman had to clean the blood off her and chenge her into one of his shirts" she exclaimed. I stared at her in disbelife.

"She over heard me talking to Benjeman and well jumped out of the window and ran into the woods Please can you go find her" She was almost crying, she was close to Midnight. I stood up, kissed her for head.

"I will be back soon with midnight, I promise" I whispered. I went to the window and jumped out spreading my wings. It felt nice to be able to fly again. The will be one place Midnight would go when she was sad. To see her Mother.

I swooped down to the Grave yard. the trees surrounded the cleraing there a few gravestones. I guess there wood be not many people in a vampire family die. I walked and hid behind a tree. When midnight came running in. Crystal wasnt lieing she was wearing Benjemans shirt. I was huge on her I had to bite my lip to stop my-self from laughing. She looked about three years old.

She knelt in front of a grave Stone. it held had picture of her mother. she had picked some flowers along the way and placed them in a vase. The grave read

In Memory of Elizabeth Elvira
Pure Blood Vampire
Loving Mother and Wife
You will be in our Heart for enternity..

"Hello Mum, sorry I havnt came in a while but so much has happened" Midnight whispered as if her mother could here. "Remeber that little fox you saved, well he came back to me, I fell in love with him. I was able to revenge your death some evil spirit was inside of him But I had to kill him" Midnight sobbed. It was heart breaking to watching her body quiver.

"I can feel the blood on my hands though its been washed off, I can smell him Mum, I can still hear his voice" She sobbed. She lay down on her grave and curled in a ball. her hairflowing around her. "Mum I want you hear to hold me when I cry"

I couldnt help it any more. I ran forward and picked her and held her close to me. "Hush now Midnight its ok I got you know" I whispered into her ear. I picked her up and bagan to walk out of her grave yard.

"Good bye Mum" Midnight whispered. I opened my wings and flew up into the air. This would normal make her laugh but now she stayed silent. She didnt even smile. I dropped down into the grounds.

Crystal, Zuri, Orlando, Azlena aand  Benjeman was standing waiting for us. Midnight jumped out of my arms and stood there staring at the ground. She swayed slightly.

"Little Moon lets take you to bed you must be shattered." Zuir soother her. She linked her arm and and escorted her away. I sighed running my hands threw my hair.

"What are we going to go with her. I found her crying at her Mothers grave. Midnight didnt even do this when she died. Now Mazany is gone. She is a mess" I looked at them all they nodded.

"She needs time to recover, she needs to know we all love her" Crystals said Matter of factly I smiled one of the reason I loved her. I pulled her close to me.

"I think we all would be mess if we lost someone we loved" Benjeman said. He was right I couldnt magne not being able to hold Crystal close to me smelling her cherry red hair.

The End

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