I remembered the feeling of death as I carried Midnight back to her room, an endless darkness and the coldest feeling, the drifting, the emptiness. I smiled at Midnight giggling, that was behind me and I was with my Moon flower once again but something didn't feel right, it felt like my being was struggling to hold on,

"So my little fox what does it feel like knowing you'll never escape me" I heard Midnight say, her voice seemed faded but I didn't know why. I laughed and said,

"Oh, I'm your fox now since when you have always been my Moon and well you'll never be rid of me. I died and came back for you," I felt her rest her head on my shoulder, her hair draped down tickling my nose. My eyesight went weird for a second, I shook my head gently. No, I can't leave yet. Please Inari let me stay in this body for a while longer, don't make me leave my precious flower.

My eye sight cleared slowly, I sent a silent thanks to the Master of our kind- the one who gave us bodies for our spirits to inhabit. I put Midnight down and watched as she went and brought out a violin case from her closet. While her back was turned I looked down at my hand, clenching it slowly. Something was off... I could see a double aura, almost like my spirit was leaking through my pores, something had gone wrong. Jorden had tried so hard, she had risked her life, yet it was in vain I couldn't stay in this empty shell there was nothing that tied me to this body. I could already feel the stitched Jorden had cast slowly un pick. Slowly I turned my attention back to Midnight, in my heart and mind I knew that this was the last time I would see her. The last time I would hear her voice, the last time I could spend with her. I fought back the tears as she said,

"I haven't played since my mother died, but I'm filled with joy so I'm going to play again just for you." She giggled, Oh my Midnight Flower do not wilt.

I went over to her and hugged her, "Midnight, no matter what happens keep playing your Violin and remember me." I wanted her to live, I wanted to hear her song once more. I kissed her forehead, and stepped back as she brought out the Violin.

The melody was beautiful, I closed my eyes and tried to hold onto that sound. A midnight flower in full bloom but like all flowers it will soon wilt away, Please, my flower do not wilt away, you shall bloom again. I loved Midnight, I loved her so much that it hurt. I was alive to protect her, I was alive for her, she was the only thing that gave me life.

I opened my eyes and looked over at the crow that was sat on the Window sill, I met it glare equally. I had cheated death and it was back to claim me. I felt a searing pain in my stomach, I cried out in pain and fell on the floor. I felt pain ripple through my body and watched as Midnight crouched next to me crying. I tried to reach out, I tried to tell her not to cry, to keep playing.

"Mazany, Mazany what's wrong!" She sobbed. I tasted copper in my mouth and felt a thick liquid fill my lungs. It was blood. Already my body was fading, it was by chance that my spirit hadn't left yet. Oh my Midnight flower, the one who saved me from madness. I am glad that I died once by your hands and so this time I am happy to die with your arms around me.

I felt my eyes roll back, the last thing I heard before I slipped into the cold, endless darkness was Midnight screaming,

"Mazany no, don't leave me again! MAZ!!"

Oh my Midnight flower I am so sorry.

I felt myself drift.

Was this death? Would I be alone forever? I began to hum the song that Midnight had played me... I drifted.

"Little One? Little One you may not drift yet." I opened my eyes, something hovered in front of me. I reached out my hand and watched as mist seeped around the darkness.

A song pierced the silence,

"Silently waiting, we wait in the mist~
Silently waiting, we welcome someone new~
Oh who is joining us, who could it be~
Who can enter, oh who can enter the mist~
Silently waiting, they shall wait with us~
Until the silence is broken, who will show~
Oh, who shall take the memory of life~
Which flower shall bloom in the night~"

"Come Little One, I have much to prepare." I saw something take shape in front of me, soon I was staring into a pair of yellow eyes and watched as a pair of wings closed around me.

"Soon, Little One. Soon that flower shall bloom again."

The End

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