I could not belive Mazany was alive my life was pure bliss everything was working out. we walked to my room with me on his back giggling.

"SO my little fox what does it feel like knowing youll never escape me" I chimed.

He chuckeled "Oh Im your fox now since when you have always been my Moon and well youll never be rid of me. I died and came back for you" He said I rested my head on his shoulder.

We entered my room I skipped to my warbdrode and brought out an older case. I walked over and placed it on the bed. "I havnt played since my mother died, but I filled with joy Im going to play again just for you" I giggled.

He camed and hugged me "Midnight no matter what happens, keep playing your voilion and remember me" He kissed my forhead and I blushed.

I opened my Violion, it was wonderful to see her again. The rich mohogany colour.  the detailed swirls. I played the song my mother taught me Avie Marie.

I closed my eyes. I put all my love, my joy into the song for having Mazany back in my life. I loved him and would do anything for him.

But then A black crow sat on the Window sill, it glared at Mazany, he fell on the floor withering in pain. I croched down next to him crying.

"Mazany, Mazany whats wrong" I sobbed, Blood trickled at the corners of his mouth. His eyes rolled back. He became still. I grabbed him and cuddled him closw to me rocking back and forward. I began to scream myheart shattered for the last time.

"Mazany no, don't leave me again, MAZ!!" I sobbed crying and could not stop. I was strokinh his hair rocking back and forth. Crystal and Damien stormed into the room. They looked down at me with such pity and sorrow.

"Midnight Im soor" I cut Crystal off.

"He's Not dead he cant be dead he's asleep come on Mazany you said you wouldnt go" I sobbed.  I screamed out again. I sat there for a long time. People were talking to me but I couldnt take it in. Nothing made sense.

I just sat there rocking back and forth stroking my Fox's hair. Zuri kneeled infront of me her eyes red from crying, tears stained her face. She placed her hand under my chin making me look at her.

"Midnight come let go of him now, We need to bury him now" she said softly. Hissed at her holding him close.

"Right Midnight That is it" Benjemean roared. He picked me up putting me over his shoulder and carried me out my room. I kept crying silently the whole time.

He took me to his room and dumbed me on his bed. He kneeled infront of me. "Midnight your covered in blood go and wash it off" he said softly, but I did not awnser him jst kept staring ahead. He picked me up again and placed me sat on the sink in hes bathroom.

He took a cloth to wipe my face, My neck arms, legs every where blood was. I could smell it a rich sweet smell. I made me feel sick knowing I killed my love. He picked me up and placed on my feet. He turned me around so I wasnt facing him.

Normally I would have been mad but I didnt care any more. He undid the lacing at the back of my white (now red) dress and let drop on the floor. He put in one of his shirts of my head. It was too big, it came to my knees.

He took my hand and lead me to the bed I lay down as he put the covers over me. "Good night Middy" I didnt look at him nor make a sound. I turned on my side and began to cry softly.

I head a Knock on the door. It was Crystal and Zuri. "How is she?" Crystal whispered sound worried.

Benjeman sighed "Bad, she wont talk not will she respond to anything. I had to wash the blood off and change her. She is worse than she was when her mother died. as you know Zuri"

I couldnt take being here. I got up from the bed crept across. to the window. I opened it and jumped down. I didtn care I was only in Benjamans shirt. I ran into the woodly Ignoring the screams behind me.

I couldnt stand being there any longer. I loved the feeling of the wind of my face the rough ground beneath my feet. I kept on running not caring what could happen.

The End

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